• Video Testimonial From Fatima

  • Rhonda and Terry Lui, Canada

    We didn’t know what to expect coming into our first yoga retreat experience but can both say that we are leaving with a greater appreciation and curiosity for yoga. We would highly recommend this retreat to others!
    Morocco, December 2019

  • Tom Heaslip, Dublin, Ireland

    Being male some of my male friends raised eyebrows when I said I was going on a Yoga retreat for Xmas week, on my own, to Morocco. These same people now can’t stop grilling me with questions as I came back suntanned, relaxed, rejuvenated, focused and very much less attached to all the usual life nonsense.

    It was my first time doing Yoga so how the classes varied across all different styles was great for me as a newbie. That all balanced with brilliant excursions, silence day and meditation in a superb venue with great food and great company made the whole experience sublime. Way more interesting and fun than I was expecting
    I know from organizing events that when something runs that smoothly, for 8 days, with 20 very different people from all over the planet, then someone has put in a huge amount of effort – coupled with extensive knowledge and experience.
    Rachel is a brilliant teacher, incredibly cool and in a long one-on-one chat left me with some great wisdom to apply to my life goals.
    Summary: Do not look any further… Just book it !!!
    Morocco, December 2019
  • Jason Baantjes, South-Africa

    This yoga retreat was just what I needed. Relaxing, restorative and informative. It was well organised with great opportunities to experience a new country and culture while deepening my yoga practice. The balance between group activities and alone time perfect. I would recommend this kind of experience to anyone who needs to relax and have a great adventure!
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Jamie, Canada

    I didn’t really ‘get’ meditation until this retreat. 
    Sitting on a rooftop in Morocco with the sun beating down in December, this eye-rolling die-hard sceptic sat cross-legged and soft-gazed, staring at the Atlas Mountains with tears running down my face, feeling utterly at peace and one with the universe. 
    The key (other than the breathtaking scenery) was Rachel’s approach. She has clearly studied and knows her practise, but her playful take-what-works-and-nothing-else style allowed me to experience how meditation can warp and stretch time with the application of mere focus, to feel comfortable dancing with childlike abandon in Kundalini, and to let go and burn away thoughts and feelings that have been holding me back. 
    Somehow, after seven days of Moroccan sun, mountains, meditating, yoga, laughing, crying, eating, breathing… I feel an acceptance of self that I have never felt before in my life. 
    Rachel is no miracle worker but she provides the tools and the space for others to recognise the divine in them. 
    I am truly grateful to Rachel, to the people who keep Quaryati running, to the group who shared this experience with me. I feel as though I have shed my cocoon, and I am ready to go home and make the changes I need to maintain these new wings.
    Thank you! Namaste!
    Morocco, December 2019
  • Gwenda Delanghe, Belgium

    Once again another superb retreat with Rachel, my fourth yoga retreat with Rachel! Hiking up Toubkal together, supported by an experienced guide and great food was such a unique experience. And after all this, a beautiful mix of yoga and meditation at the peaceful and calming setting of Quaryati. I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you, once again Rachel for this wonderful week!
    Morocco, June 2019 (and Italy 2016, Morocco 2017, Portugal 2018)

  • Mirella Molenschot, the Netherlands

    Wow, what an experience!
    This is not just doing yoga in a nice place!
    This is a journey in a journey: Getting closer to myself and learning to appreciate. All in a safe and peaceful environment, and in a fantastic international group of all unique people.
    Rachel really is one of a kind, she radiates warmth, joy, peace and power, and has a really good sense of humor. I’m very grateful to her and my fellow yogis and yoginis for guiding me on my personal journey. Namaste!
    Morocco, March 2019 (and Morocco 2017, 2018)

  • Linda Tran, Canada

    I booked a Revealing Vajra yoga holiday fairly last minute without any expectations. The retreat fulfilled everything I was looking for; A holiday surrounded by nature and peace, incredible meals and an amazing group of likeminded people. The excursion even tested my limits. Rachel’s style of teaching yoga is very unique and I very much enjoyed her attention to detail during our stay.
    I will definitely come back for another one of her retreats!
    Scotland, August 2019 and Morocco, December 2019

  • Hanouf Aljuhail, Kuwait

    Rachel does it again! This retreat brought people from 9 nationalities so close. It was a cosy setting with great yoga sessions and soulful food. I loved my 3rd experience with Revealing Vajra and I can’t wait to join again on a new location!
    Scotland August 2019 (and Italy 2015 and 2016)

  • Esme Short, UK

    I decided a few days before Christmas to come to Rachel’s retreat. My time there fulfilled and exceeded expectations. There was always time to opt in or out the activities. The food was outstanding and the place and staff were absolutely great. The teaching was so accessible and informative. A real treat for yourself!
    Morocco, December 2019

  • Sophie, Belgium

    My retreat with Rachel in Morocco brought me so much more than just a re-start with yoga. Rachel is a great teacher, both on and off the mat.
    I had a wonderful week with delicious food, authentic conversations and active kindness. I reconnected with who I really am, what’s important to me and most of all, I’m going home with more peace of mind.
    Morocco March 2019 (and Morocco 2016 and 2017)

  • David Meen, the UK

    Do not let ‘having no yoga experience’ stop you from trying a revealing vajra yoga retreat! Rachel’s guidance is perfect.
    Every class is fun from start to finish!
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Cristina Russo, Italy

    This was a great yoga retreat! I got so much more out of it than I expected. Great yoga classes and a fantastic location. Relaxation, fun, exercise, meditation: I really enjoyed everything. Thanks Rachel for giving us a fantastic time!
    I already booked my next retreat with you.
    Morocco, May 2019

  • Jo Jennings, the UK

    I have really enjoyed every minute of the past week. Despite being pushed out of my safe little comfort zone at times. I feel rested, energised, focused, inspired but most of all, I feel confident, happy and relaxed. The variation of yoga styles has been great fun and very interesting. At times, challenging but at all times with humor and absolutely no pressure. The international group has been great fun with lots of interesting conversations, laughter and ‘silent’ moments in the mix. Thank you so much, I have absolutely loved every minute of it!
    Morocco, March 2017 and Scotland, August 2018

  • Martin Newman, the UK

    Gentlemen, this was a revelation and a very enjoyable one too. Rachel took a creaky, somewhat overweight 60 year old chap who had never before been on a  yoga mat and with a very gentle style returned a less creaky slightly thinner example of a 60 year old man. As Nike says “Just Do It”.
    Morocco, September 2018

  • Elisabeth Harbitz, Norway

    Thank you so much of for a great week Rachel. I’m impressed by the amount of preparation and thought you have put into your retreats. The combination of healthy food, great talks, excursions and no-nonsense yoga & meditation time is great. It has been an inspiring week and I’m going home fully rejuvenated!
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Luciana Magalotti, Italy

    Rachel is an eclectic teacher: a teacher able to address every single student’s need. Rachel, full of compassion, joy and very knowledgeable. She has a truly unique style of teaching asanas, many variations, chanting, listening to mantras, meditations, etc.
    Morocco, March 2019

  • Cecillie Noel, Denmark

    I think that this retreat was a perfect combination of beautiful and caring things. So nice to do for yourself for one week. Rachel is a very special teacher. She is funny, caring, clever and just very lovely to be around. You feel safe. This retreat raised my vibration and made my spirit happy! Thanks a lot!
    Morocco, December 2019

  • Ariane Hotzel, Germany

    It has been an amazing week with wonderful people!
    Everything was perfectly organised so you just went with the flow and could relax from the very first minute.
    The venue with it’s great staff is the perfect location for a yoga retreat. And Rachel, she’s an amazing host, teacher and coach! Thank you!
    Morocco, March 2019

  • Sylvia Graham, UK

    A brilliant yoga retreat with a great teacher. Rachel had everything covered so I could just relax and go with the flow on my first yoga retreat. My minimal yoga experience and hip movement weren’t a problem to her or me.
    It was truly a memorable week with wonderful people, food and trips. I shall certainly be planning a return visit to a revealing vajra yoga retreat.
    Morocco, March 2019

  • Tina Dobslaw, Germany

    This past week was an unforgettable experience for me. Rachel gives her very special touch to the yoga classes and the variety of styles she teaches helped me get a better understanding of the whole yoga world. I attended classes that I would never go to.
    The location was peaceful and really pretty, the food was amazing as well as all the people in the group that I got to know.
    I will definitely come back to another revealing vajra yoga retreat!
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Julie Constable, UK

    I has a really stressful year and heard about Revealing Vajra Yoga Holidays so decided to book for Xmas. I hoped I would be relaxed at the end of the 7 day experience. This yoga holiday has way exceeded my expectations.
    Rachel has an amazing gift of putting everyone at ease and I did not want to leave at the end. I have been inspired by some amazing people and made new friends. I look forward booking my next retreat with Rachel! Totally awesome and pure magic. Thank you!
    Morocco, December 2019

  • Katleen Lefever, Belgium

    If you’re looking for a yoga holiday with attention to body, mind and soul; I highly recommend a Revealing Vajra Retreat.
    The group of people was absolutely wonderful, great conversations and we learned a lot from each other. After the retreat, I now go home, feeling happy and rejuvenated. No doubt that I will be back for another retreat!
    Morocco, March 2019

  • Eva K., Switzerland

    A great opportunity to really relax and get out of your every day life. As everything is taken care of, you just need to get and be there. The yoga classes were great as they fit for everyone. Even if you do yoga for longer time, you can get some new insights. A very interesting workshop with Rachel makes the whole program round.

    There are no expectations, you just do what you feel you want to do. And if you don’t want to do something, you just don’t do that. You can just be for yourself, reed, go for a walk or sleep, if you wish. Everything without any pressure.
    Scotland, August 2018

  • Nicole Meijer, Belgium

    If you are looking for an oasis of balance, yoga, activities, great food with like minded people in the most wonderful and peaceful setting, this yoga retreat with Rachel is the place to be!
    Morocco, December 2019 (and Morocco 2017, 2015 and Italy 2016)

  • Koen Verhoeven, the Netherlands

    Men, be courageous, stand up and join Rachel’s Retreat! It will give you a different perspective and it’s a gentle way to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
    An experience that you will carry with you for a long time!
    It will benefit you, both in your professional and private life!
    France, September 2018

  • Theresa Meen, UK

    David and I looked at this retreat, thinking this could be exactly what we needed this Christmas. We had never done yoga before so didn’t really know what to expect.
    I have loved every single minute of this week!
    Some things were challenging for sure, even difficult but Rachel always knows a different pose to do so everyone can enjoy the class.
    During the retreat, there are no expectations and you can choose whatever you want to do, there is no pressure at all. Just brilliant. Thank you!
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Ana Kemeny, Canada

    I have spent a week with Rachel and a lovely group of people in France.
    It was one of the best holidays I have ever had!
    A perfect balance of yoga, meditation, alone-time, in a most beautiful environment. Rachel’s style at teaching is easy-going and flexible, taking each person’s needs into consideration. Her messages are profound. We learned a lot, moved a lot and relaxed completely.
    The food was out of this world, with each meal being a unique experience of taste, colour and texture.
    I for sure will be back for another retreat!
    Thank you Rachel for arranging this awesome retreat!
    France, September 2018

  • Hedwig Van Krey, the Netherlands

    Doing yoga under the French sun, sleeping in the most beautifully decorated French chateau and having meals that make you feel like being in heaven! All prepared with so much love and care by Hayley North.
    Rachel, you are so wise, so dedicated and so inspiring! Just the perfect host. Merci!
    France, September 2018

  • Gunn Benjaminsen, Norway

    This retreat started with an incredible hike to the top of Mount Toubkal, 4167 meters! Afterwards the retreat kept on being a rich and amazing experience. Rachel is a funny and lovely person. She has everything under control, is always on time and is a very professional yoga teacher. It was interesting for me to discover some new styles and I loved the extra attention to pranayama and meditation. Eating together in all these nice environments was great and the pool in Marrakech is super! I can very much recommend Rachel and Revealing Vajra Yoga retreats!
    Morocco, July 2018

  • Tad,USA

    Rachel’s passion and commitment to teaching an holistic approach to yoga shines out. She cares about what she does and this translates to very positive results.
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Marie Anne Catherine DLT, Belgium

    As Rachel says, it’s indeed about nice me-time.
    Not about sharing everything, listening to everyone’s story or fitting in. It’s not about cliché aligned physical practices nor overly devoted meditations.
    Rachel’s retreats are like she is #real #original #genuine #brave #fun
    Mallorca, October 2019

  • Caroline O'Loughlin, Ireland

    Fabulous escape!
    Within a few short days, you will begin to feel different. An authentic French chateau, tucked away in the Dordogne.
    Rachel is a top quality yoga instructor who doesn’t take herself too seriously and Hayley North is a top class chef, both of them without ego.
    Add activities and excursions of a 5 star holiday without fakeness.
    Outdoor morning yoga to sunrise, fresh local food, meet likeminded people from different countries and feel pampered and relaxed.
    Highly recommended for those looking for a quiet and peaceful escape, to go deeper.
    France, September 2018 and Morocco, December 2018

  • Laura M, Italy

    I don’t usually do yoga but here, I loved every single lesson! Especially the ones on the beach. The silent day was very interesting and it helped me to find the stillness and peace that I was looking for when I booked this holiday. Loved the cooking class as well!
    When I booked, I thought it was a bit expensive but now I can totally see why, this is amazing value for money!
    Morocco, May 2018

  • Simone Adler, UK

    This was my first experience of a yoga holiday. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I have learned. Experiencing various yoga styles which I was unaware of. I learned about the deeper meaning of yoga. And above all, I learned about myself in a non-judgemental way with the most incredible yoga teacher. Rachel is blessed with wisdom and insight and a vision beyond belief. This leaves me to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderful week.
    Morocco, March 2018

  • Lieve L.,Belgium

    Having traveled a lot, in all kinds of settings, I can truly recommend Rachel’s retreats. She knows how to combine our modern needs with an authentic experience. This retreat was very well organised and Rachel has a very personal approach. This week was way too short, very diverse and relaxed all at the same time. I’m already checking my agenda to plan the next yoga retreat with Rachel!
    Morocco, July 2018

  • Carina Bjurklint, Sweden

    This was Rachel’s 50th retreat and it was my second retreat week with her. A week filled with yoga (a lot of variation again), meditation, breathing exercises and 3 Days of Silence. Rachel’s guidance is gentle. A couple of excursions to amazing beaches and small villages, a guided walk to experience the wonderful environment, to touch and taste. The food was so good that it can’t even be described, it needs to be experienced. All in all a lovely location in a beautiful country.

    I got a week of stillness, peace of mind and loads of new energy, in a great group of people. What more can I wish for?
    Portugal, June 2017

  • Matthew Allen, USA

    A thoroughly rewarding experience. Rachel is a rare and wonderful teacher, intuitive, imaginative and caring. With skill she creates a relaxed and secure environment that inspires growth and experimentation.
    Mallorca, April 2017

  • Sophie Cavaillin, Sweden

    Revealing Vajra, “amazing” yoga retreats, that’s what I read beforehand, and now, I can only agree. The program was a perfect mix of yoga, sightseeing and ‘self time’. The location is very beautiful and peaceful. The retreat was very relaxing and there was no competitiveness whatsoever. Everyone was just doing his or her thing. Rachel is a great teacher, giving clear instructions for all levels and giving very varied lesses. Every single class was a new experience! The participants were a great mix of people from different countries and backgrounds. I very much enjoyed the spirit of respect and acceptance amongst ourselves for each and every person. We also had a looooot of fun this week. As said, it was an Amazing yoga retreat!

  • Julia K, Switzerland

    Going on a retreat with Rachel was one of the best last minute decisions I made. It’s perfect for having well deserved ‘me time’ and at the same time meeting so many like minded people. This holiday had a perfect balance of yoga, meditation, great food and interesting conversations. Looking forward to my next retreat with Rachel already!
    Mallorca, April 2017

  • Charlotte Hocking, UK

    On going to the Revealing Vajra retreat in Mallorca, I was relatively new to yoga. I had been going to classes once or twice a week for a few months. I was concerned that my lack of experience, knowledge and ability would be a disadvantage. That was not the case. Rachel takes into account all levels of flexibility and mobility and makes the whole experience an enjoyable, positive and calming one. An awesome week with awesome people in a very beautiful location.
    Mallorca, April 2017 and Morocco, November 2018

  • Frederik-Jan Roose, Belgium

    With absolutely no experience in yoga, I was very curious how this week would be for me. Rachel instantly made me feel at home and took us on a week full of yoga, meditation, beauty and insights. I would highly recommend her retreats to any and everyone! And for sure, I will be back!
    Morocco, March 2018

  • Charmaine Wright, South-Africa

    A dynamic all inclusive ‘Be yourself Yoga Holiday’. Blessed with warm hearted caring staff that takes care of all your needs and even food allergies. They really spoil you with delicious and tasty meals.
    A wonderful opportunity to just be and at the same time explore body and mind on and off the yoga mat. Adventure in Marrakech, a mountain walk, relaxation time and meeting people from all over the globe.
    Rachel shares her warm heart offering her yoga knowledge and teaches us movement by movement on how to engage with each posture in a non-assertive way. And, how to return back to the mat when your minds wonders away. She has a great sense of humour, bringing lightness into the yoga classes and she teaches a variety of yoga styles.
    This retreat was a blessed gift, returning to the European winter, feeling fully recharged.
    Morocco, December 2018

  • Vanessa Pitrik, UK

    Don’t waste your time and hard earned cash on anything but the best! You deserve to experience this amazing retreat. Rachel is a warm, kind and wonderful person and spending time with her on this luxurious retreat in Mallorca, taking time out to learn and grow, will stay with me forever.
    Mallorca, April 2017

  • Lieve L, Belgium

    If you’re looking for yoga, a wonderful program, new friendships, and a week of body-mind-soul away from it all? Go on one of Rachel’s retreat. You will go home feeling renewed and fulfilled. Rachel is very intuitive and can sense what you and the group needs and, she will take great care of you.
    Scotland, August 2019 (and Morocco, Toubkal 2018)

  • Remko Wouters, the Netherlands

    I was one of the two guys joining this retreat. It felt very nice to be surrounded by all those women. Mostly because the openness and honesty takes over and this was very helpful to really enjoy the power of this retreat. I had a splendid time and learned a lot. I fully recommend it!
    Mallorca, April 2017

  • Eunah Schittekat, Belgium

    This yoga holiday was simply fantastic and magic. The yoga classes, breathing and meditation techniques were all so well explained in a varied and sometimes very amusing way. Taking into account every single person in class.
    The programme was excellent as you get to explore Marrakech, see the Atlas Mountains, have a hammam, a massage and even more.
    The venue that Rachel picked out is wonderful, in the middle of nature with a view on the mountains and a lovely caring staff.
    And, what made this week exceptional is Rachel’s magic. Her warmth and well being just radiate to every single person in the group. She has this unique blend of experience, a genuine openness to all people and cultures and a beautiful soul. Which makes these yoga holidays so unique and so wonderful to look back to.
    Morocco, March 2017

  • Sharon Ackroyd, UK

    If you consider a retreat, then I just have to recommend Rachel. Whatever your level of experience. We had yoga teachers in the group, people with injuries and people who had never done yoga before and it all worked beautifully.
    Mallorca, April 2017

  • Jonas, Germany

    This was my very first retreat and it was definitely worth doing it. Everyone who is insecure if this is something you want to do, I can only recommend to do so. Take this step out of your comfort zone, it is so worth it. And you will not regret it!
    Morocco, November, 2016

  • Katie DB, Bath, UK

    As someone new to yoga retreats, this was the perfect holiday for me. Rachel had thought of everything and I didn’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy it. After a week, I feel more knowledgeable about different yoga styles and much healthier both physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend Revealing Vajra Yoga Holidays.
    Ibiza, September, 2016

  • Ingrid Valks, the Netherlands

    I have enjoyed every minute of my annual retreat with Revealing Vajra. The combination of unique locations, great healthy food and Rachel’s meditation and yoga classes are just perfect for me. The three days of silence really helped me to turn down the volume in my head. I go home rebalanced and rejuvenated. Thank you Rachel!
    Morocco, November, 2016

  • Kim Schroeder, NYC, USA

    The energy of Morocco is amazing.
    Rachel had every detail covered. The meals, the yoga, visiting the market, off site lunch, massages. Really everything was perfectly timed, despite ‘Moroccan time’.
    Also, Rachel’s personal travels and her retreat hosting experience positively influence her retreats.
    Morocco, July, 2016

  • Ruby Schalk, the Netherlands

    This holiday really was a great experience! The place, the yoga, the meditations, good food and lots of me time, without feeling guilty about it. Learning more about myself and listening to what my body tells me. One of the many things I learned during these wonderful days.
    Morocco, silence retreat, 2017

  • Pati Nunez, Spain

    Rachel took care of us in all senses and I admire her genuine humbleness.
    I loved the yoga classes, ALL of them, but also the rest of the program. I came back for a third time on a Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreat so that should say enough!

    Everyone takes care of you and that is a wonderful feeling to have!
    Italy 2012 and 2014, Morocco, December 2016 and Scotland, August 2018

  • Nenita Torres, TX, USA

    This is my fifth retreat with Rachel. As usual, she delivered!!!
    Better each time and providing each participant with the best retreat experience.

    Distance for someone travelling from another continent becomes irrelevant. Thanks Rachel!

    Essaouira, May 2018 (previously Costa Rica, Ibiza, Marrakech & Portugal)

  • Kat Mereigh, USA

  • Charlene Mc Koin, USA

    This Revealing Vajra yoga retreat was more than I expected. Peace, companionship, good food, but most important, an overall sense of reaching a new plateau in re-starting a flexible yoga practise (as we learned different yoga styles) and time to quiet the chatter in the mind. I will return!

    Morocco, June 2016 and Scotland, August 2018

  • Eefje Rooskens, the Netherlands

    This was my very first yoga retreat experience and the first time to visit Morocco.
    The retreat has a good balance between yoga and visiting the highlights of Marrakech and going to the Atlas Mountains. In combination with yummy food and an amazing group of participants, this week was a very unique experience. Thanks a lot, Rachel!
    Morocco, September 2018

  • Karin Ehrlich, UK

    I made the right decision when I decided to come to this retreat. It was my first yoga retreat experience. To have the opportunity to take time for myself, to not have tight schedules and to just be in the moment was everything I needed to recharge myself. Rachel is a great host and the way the program is organized was really perfect for an active person like me. I had the chance to relax but also be entertained with the different activities. I couldn’t have gifted me with something better!
    Morocco, September 2017

  • Elena, Russia

    I have been to two retreats in Morocco with Rachel, which were completely different yet equally wonderful. I will be coming back to lots more in the future!
    Morocco, October 2017


  • Ynte, Belgium

    This holiday was a true experience. Rachel has a lot of experience and knowledge and is willing to share it in her yoga lessons. I appreciate her down to earth mentality. Essaouira is a cosy little town and we really got to know because of the well thought of program and activities. I would definitely recommend this yoga holiday if you need a break from it all!!!
    Morocco, October 2017

  • Anneli Edvardsson, Sweden

    Highly recommended yoga holiday! Rachel is just very professional. Both in her teachings of yoga as in organising the retreat. An amazing programme that gives you so much experiences in one week. The retreat is very well planned and the staff is lovely. Great food. Simply great value for money!
    Morocco, October 2017 and Scotland, August 2018

  • Lotte Jörgensen, Denmark

    I came to this yoga retreat to get away from the daily stress, to relax and to be me. I liked the description of the retreat, and it gave me exactly what I needed. The right balance between relaxation and challenges. I learned a lot of new things about yoga, but also about myself. The food, the location, the yoga, the people, the weather: all of it made it a great retreat!
    Morocco, September 2017

  • Joke Diepvens, Belgium

    January 1st, 2016. Writing a testimonial in the sun, having a soft gaze over the Ocean, right after a delicious lunch, still enjoying the wonderful vibes from this morning’s yoga class at the Beach, being surrounded with really cool people from all over the world…. This sounds like pretty Perfect to me !!!!
    Welcome to a day on Rachel’s retreats. This retreat in Morocco was my third Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreat and for sure not my last. 3 very different menus but they all had the same ingredients: Fun, Holiday, Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Me time, Inspiration, Healthy Food, Rejuvenation, Awesome groups, beautiful Locations and soooo much more. It simply brings out the best in you.
    If you are still doubting if you should join, if it’s worth the money, if you will be able to follow the classes, if Rachel is cool? Don’t, this is by far the best and most valuable present you can give to yourself. And Rachel, no worries, she ‘s an Awesome teacher! Enjoy!
    Morocco, January 2016

  • Dev Parmar, UK

    Thank you Rachel for a most perfect week. The moment we drove through the Quaryati front gate, I entered an oasis. Your relaxed and fun attitude instantly relaxed me and I knew we made the right choice in coming to your retreat. I loved your instruction style, clear and easy to follow. I loved the balance of yoga and free time and the day trips to the Mountains and Marrakech. The highlight was being able to practise outdoor in these beautiful surroundings. A wonderful group of people, and the resident peacocks, cats, frogs and tortoise. The hotel staff were super accommodating and always willing to help out. Great!

  • Ellen Boman, Sweden

    Everything you could want in a yoga retreat. A beautiful location, mixed with an incredible view and amazing food,and on top of that, top class yoga! You will not want to leave. But when you do, you will feel rested, calm and at peace with your mind and body. Rachel is a great teacher so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, she will adapt the class to everyone. I will definitely go again!
    Morocco, December 2016

  • Rachel Haller, Canada

    I came to the Revealing Vajra retreat with an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. As the days unfolded and Rachel guided us through the meditations and yoga classes, it all shifted. The retreat gave me such inspiration to make some necessary changes in my life. It was also fun and completely relaxed. I can’t recommend this retreat enough! Thank you Rachel for an incredible journey. I will be back 🙂
    Morocco, November 2016

  • Lotte T, Belgium

    Beautiful locations, breathtaking views, healthy and delicious food, relaxing massages, nice people around, all included on a Revealing Vajra yoga retreat 🙂 I have done two now, so I know!
    Rachel builds up her yoga lessons, ideal for experienced yogis and people with less experience on the mat. You get to taste different yoga styles and some of those can be pretty far out of the comfort zone…
    Rachel ‘listens’ to her groups and she knows exactly what everyone needs.
    She openly shares her knowledge on the yoga philosophy, meditation and healthy food. And I simply love listening and learning from her. Incredibly inspiring!
    In the bubble of the retreat, you can forget all your worries and simply relax and enjoy the peace and me time, just because you can and because it’s all good. Wonderful!

    Italy, June 2016 (previously Costa Rica)

  • Meena Julien, UK

    I had the best time ever! Met wonderful people, got into my yoga practise and laughed a lot. A thouroughly holistic trip. Certainly go on a yoga retreat with Rachel, she is kind, considerate and made us all feel special. I am already planning my next retreat with her!
    Morocco, May 2015

  • Ratnesh Bagdai, the UK

    Before we left, I was not sure if I would last the whole week. I am strong minded so I would not have stayed if I didn’t like it BUT I loved it!
    The yoga and teaching was A1. Fantastic. Rachel is to the point, yet very comfortable to be taught by. Each and every session was rewarding.
    I was worried that it might all be too spiritual but it was perfectly balanced.
    I will book again!
    Morocco, October 2017

  • Roos Taillieu, Belgium

    image0071Second time on a retreat with Rachel and for sure, it will not be the last time! I thought I knew what was coming but no, it was different and still the same. No pressure, just a friendly invitation to join. No contact, just being present in the ‘now’. No questions, no expectations, just being myself. Morocco, May 2015

  • Silke Wettach, Germany

    image023In Sabina is the perfect place to get away from it all in very good company.
    I’m leaving feeling nourished, in every possible sense of the word.

  • Annemarie Lobo, London, UK

    So much more than a holiday…
    If what you desire is a pause to contemplate the quality of your life, then revealing vajra provides the sanctuary to do just that. Rachel’s natural and curious temperament provides a harmonious balance of physical tenacity and developing strength of mind, revealing the yogi in each of us.
    Morocco 2016

  • Lida Wit, the Netherlands

    Rachel has a specific way of teaching yoga. It’s because of her style that I got all the space I needed to look for and experience my boundaries and limits in yoga. This is one of the key things I will take home with me. Explore, do and experience. I learned many more things and got introduced to interesting theories and tools that I can put into practise. I return home with a sense of having unlimited possibilities and a strong confidence in myself.
    Morocco, October 2017

  • Sandra Bakkum, the Netherlands

    This yoga retreat really met all my expectations. I felt taken care of by Rachel and all of the staff members at Quaryati. The yoga classes inspired me to continue the yoga journey. Rachel has a very comfortable way of teaching which was really suiting me and my need for relaxation. The retreat was very well organised with amazing local food (I’m vegan), activities and relaxation.

  • Sona Oganisyan, Italy

    image021I found this retreat by chance. I was looking for a place where I could simply relax and forget about existing problems. It seems that I found the perfect place to do just that. The location, the food andfriendly people all around, made this experience unexpectedly amazing. Thank you, Rachel!

  • Stijn Wielemans, Belgium

  • Hedwig van Krey, the Netherlands

    Doing yoga under the French sun, sleeping in the most beautifully decorated French chateau and having meals that make you feel like being in heaven! All prepared with so much love and care by Hayley North.
    Rachel, you are so wise, so dedicated and so inspiring! Just the perfect host. Merci!
    France, September 2018

  • Joke, Belgium

    Rachel promises a lot on her website and … it is ALL true! Even better!
    Morocco, April 2016

  • Kathryn Blakemore, UK

    Thank you so much Rachel for another incredible experience which I can’t really put into words. It wasn’t the experience I expected but it was exactly what I needed to really learn some things about myself in a completely safe, and supportive environment with incredible people. And you, you are the best yoga retreat guru! Till next time!
    Morocco, July 2018 (previously Ibiza)

  • Gwenda, Belgium

    This yoga retreat was wonderful. It gave me plenty of me time, made me discover different kinds of yoga and I got some relaxing massages. All in a magnificent setting so that I could fully recharge. Thank you Rachel for this exceptional week!
    Morocco, October 2017

  • Sylvia Lim, USA

    One of the best yoga retreats I ever participated in- and I have done quite a few! From the arrival to the daily activities, it all went so smooth and without any pressure whatsoever. There is plenty of time for self reflection, to unwind and to just simply BE. I truly come out feeling rested and I really enjoyed the yoga programme. It inspired me to look into different styles of yoga. Namaste!
    Morocco, May 2015

  • Lucy Anwyl, UK

    My week in Quaryati was a fantastic way to relax, practise yoga, see Morocco and meet some great people. Rachel is a fantastic teacher and manages to run classes to all abilities in the same session and keep them a new experience to all.
    She is clearly passionate about what she teaches which rubs off on everyone. I would definitely recommend her yoga holidays!
    Morocco, October 2017

  • Jonne Paardenkooper, the Netherlands

    I had a wonderful time in Morocco! The group was very well balanced in terms of personalities, yoga experience and nationalities. There was a lot of laughter! The yoga sessions were very good and varied. Rachel is a lovely and easy going woman. I certainly learned a lot and I really enjoyed the morning classes on the rooftop. Sunrise and sunset, ever so beautiful. A big thanks to everyone who joined me on this great trip!
    Morocco, September 2017

  • Juste, Denmark

    I booked this retreat to carve some time and space out for myself and to relax fully. I am leaving fully rejuvenated, both emotionally and physically. The silence days were a new experience to me, and unexpectedly, I learned a lot about myself in those days. Rachel was a great teacher, coach and support to go through this little journey on building up my connection with my body, mind and spirit. This retreat is the best present you can give to yourself!
    Morocco, November 2016

  • Kathryn Blakemore, UK

    Very grateful to have stumbled on this yoga retreat. It’s the third time that I have been on a yoga holiday but without a doubt, this was the best experience.

    Rachel was so welcoming from day 1. It’s relaxing and Zen to just be around her.
    She was able to allow me to relax, despite experiencing two traumatic events during the retreat.

    I got so much out of the experience and I felt at home. It was, for me, life changing I would say, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do more of Rachel’s retreats!
    Ibiza, June 2015

  • Marie-Pierre Zanusso, Paris, France

    This second yoga retreat with Rachel was even better than the first time. First of all, I did not have the slight anxiety that I felt as novice. I sort of knew what to expect. Although it was exactly the same location, this week was different. I have met people that I had never seen before, but still, after just a couple of days, I shared some of my most intimate stories with them. And it was all just fine and felt good. For me, Rachel’s retreat is like a soft power medecine, a chemical that will release it’s curative benefits in you over months to come.
    Morocco, March 2017

  • Nicole Meijer, Belgium

    This retreat was exactly what I needed and it was the perfect fit to my needs. Rachel very professionally builds up her classes. From fairly ‘easy’ to moderate and challenging. She has a good eye for what the group can handle and needs. There is never any kind of stress to perform. Hayley is like a 3 star Michelin Holistic Food Chef. The food that she serves is extremely original in taste and a perfect blend of ingredients. Quaryati as such is perfect as a retreat location! Breathtaking views, wonderful rooms, it’s like a little paradise.
    Morocco, December 2016 and Italy 2015

  • Karfee Lye, NYC, USA

    This was my very first yoga retreat! Rachel had everything so well organised and made sure everyone was comfortable being around the place and with each other. I have learned a lot over the course of 7 days and Rachel is very experienced in guiding all the different yoga lessons. After the retreat, I feel rested and the experience I gained makes me more connected to the inner self and changed the way I look at things and will deal with daily life in the future.
    Morocco, December 2016

  • Roona Javeed, the Netherlands

    This was my first yoga holiday and it was far more than I expected. The venue was simply amazing, so peaceful and beautiful. The schedule had the perfect combination of yoga, self time and sightseeing. Rachel makes sure that everyone feels comfortable in class, also if you’re completely new to yoga. I came to destress and clear my mind and I now feel relaxed and I got some really good tools to take back home. It was worth every penny!
    Morocco, September 2017 and May 2018

  • Judith Nievelstein, the Netherlands

    This week had all the ingredients for me to completely relax, have a peaceful mind and get some new energy flowing.
    Rachel is a wonderful person and a great yoga teacher.
    Her style is a combination of passion, wisdom, humor and ‘both feet on the ground’ :)
    Italy, July 2015

  • Maarten Janssens, Belgium

    In Sabina is the perfect refuge and at the same time a perfect place to feel right at home.
    Wonderful people: participants from all over the world, the chef, the owner of In Sabina, Rachel; they all touched my heart and I could really be myself during this week.
    It was great to see, feel and experience it all. Thank you!
    Italy, October 2013 and Morocco, May 2015

  • Maria Martin, Guatemala

    image019This retreat was fabulous! I had not practiced any yoga for decades and had many physical limitations, still, the teachers made me feel at home and guided me through their sessions. The In Sabina location is magical, the food natural and exceptional. All together, a totally worthwhile experience. I’m going home happier and healthier, with lovely memories of the past 7 days.

  • Cornelia van Tuil, Germany

    Great location, excellent food and nice people around. For me, it was my very first experience with yoga and this retreat was perfect to have an entrance in the world of yoga. Thank you so much for all the care, your kindness,  …. for everything.
    Italy, August 2015

  • Marie-Louise Kok, the Netherlands

    Rachel is a very professional yoga teacher who has attention for everybody and corrects your yoga position when it needs to be corrected. I have been doing yoga for a while and the personal attention she gives to everybody is very pleasant. Rachel creates a relaxing atmosphere during the week. She knows what to do and say to make everybody at ease. Waking up early in the morning is nice experience in the way Rachel is waking up everybody. Your day starts and ends great with various kinds of yoga during the week. During yoga you have a beautiful view over the valley!
    In Sabina is a beautiful and quiet location. It has plenty of spots were you can separate yourself from the group whenever you need ‘me-time’. The rooms have everything you need during your stay, a good bed and shower among other things.
    The staf is very friendly and capable, willing to help out whenever you need something. At the pool they place fruit and cucumber juice and there’s even a refrigerator at the pool!
    The vegetarian meals are delicious so you don’t even miss the meat! I was very surprised that I didn’t miss it!
    Rachel organises several excursions, which are great, even with city guides, own transportation, etc etc and it’s nice to visit other towns during your stay although the pool was ‘calling’ many times,  “lay down and enjoy the sun and the cool water”.
    Overall, this yoga retreat with Rachel was a great experience where I could just be myself, think some things over and enjoy wonderful yoga classes.
    Italy, July 2015 (also joined in Morocco in april 2016)

  • Kat Mereigh, USA

    image015I came upon Revealing Vajra after a pretty tough year. My dad’s death sent me into an emotional freefall… I wasn’t taking care of me and I was seeing the results. I took the two weeks option and it was the best thing I could do to get myself back ‘to me’. The yoga classes were the perfect balance of energy and healing. I learned so much about myself during this retreat and I will definitely come back to another Revealing Vajra retreat. I recommend it to everyone!
    Kat joined in Costa Rica for two weeks, in Italy in August 2014 and in Ibiza in September 2016

  • Stefanie Geerinck, Belgium

    So glad that I booked this trip as a ‘personal gift’.
    What I really liked was the combination of different yoga styles, the delicious food and having like minded people around, all at a great location!
    If you are looking for me-time in a quiet and relaxing environment to come closer to yourself, then this is a highly recommended trip.
    Ibiza, June 2015

  • Trish Smith, NYC, USA

    I came to this yoga retreat with my 21 year old daughter. We only have wonderful things to say. We met fabulous people from all over the world, and some fellow Americans as well. Ages ranged from 21 to 60 and we laughed together every single day.

    Coming from NYC to Ibiza is a journey worth travelling. Rachel makes sure all your needs are met above expectations. I loved the variety of the classes and the knowledge shared. The location is beyond amazing. I would not change a thing and I plan to follow Rachel to another fabulous location sometime very soon! The food was magically prepared by Beth, I wish I could take her home with us!
    Ibiza, June 2015