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    About Rachel

    Rachel Lisbon I’m Rachel Bonkink.

    I believe everyone has the right to be truly themselves, because when you are fully yourself, you feel more alive, and more able to explore life choices, find your purpose, and grow as a person.

    I believe in the power of coaching and meditation to support people in being and becoming who they really are.

    My purpose in life is to use coaching and meditation to support people to feel strong, confident and able to bring their authentic self to every area of life.

    My meditation challenges, wellbeing retreats and coaching programmes are all designed to create a safe space for you to relax, explore who you are, deal with anything that is holding you back, and open up your pathway forward.

    In the past 12 years, I hosted over 100 of my own worldwide Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreats.

    After four incredible years in Morocco and 9 months in Dubai, I’m now living in Portugal.

    My book, Flex Your Mind, on how to bring Yoga philosophy into your daily life is endorsed by Paul Grilley, the leading Yin Yoga innovator.

    My second book on how to connect to your inner sense of calm, love and contentment, in the midsts of life’s crazy challenges is in the make!

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    Flex Your Mind Rachel Bonkink



    Endorsed by Paul Grilley: ‘Rachel has written a book that makes yoga practical’.

    Endorsed by Jennifer Wisdom, PHD MPH, author of Millenials’ Guide to Work: ‘as a psychologist, this book makes my heart sing! Rachel has written an outstanding treatise that lovingly, kindly, and humorously introduces to the 10 yogic principles to help us be more fulfilled and happy.’

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