Revealing Vajra is a boutique yoga retreat company, running 12-15 carefully designed experiences per year. Rachel Bonkink, founder of Revealing Vajra, hosts all retreats herself and teaches all classes. She hosted over 70 of her own yoga retreats in the last 7 years. Always making sure that she delivers the high quality that you are looking for on your holiday.

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    About Rachel

    rachel bonkink
    Rachel Bonkink is an entrepeneur, author, life coach, yoga teacher and the founder of Revealing Vajra yoga retreats.

    As a former operational director, she has created the most amazing yoga retreats out there. Revealing Vajra, featured in Yoga Magazine USA and many other publications is considered as the best there is in yoga land. Rachel lives in Morocco and loves to work with truly passionate people.

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    4 Easy Ways to Create More Awareness

    17th April 2019

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