• Sunset Portugal meditation

    How to make Meditation practical for Business

    5th August 2021

    Introducing meditation in business environments is no longer frowned upon. Which is brilliant as the power of meditation goes way beyond experiencing more peace of mind. It can change the way the entire company is operating, in a more productive way. How is that possible, you ask? In meditation you need to more

  • Rachel Bonkink Seaside meditation

    Meditation to deal with chronic stress

    29th June 2021

    We can be our own worst enemy, I should have done this, said that, I’m such a …. Thinking like this, allowing the negative self-talk and beliefs to take over, has an impact on your overall wellbeing. Moreover, this constellation of negative thoughts can increase your stress levels towards chronic stress more

  • Sao Martinho do Porto Portugal

    How to suffer less: acceptance

    10th May 2021

    Acceptance can be a tricky concept. It doesn't mean leaning back and losing all motivation to change and grow. On the contrary, it is through contentment that we can change. This is why contentment comes before self-discipline in the 10 principles of Yoga, described by Patanjali (the Yamas and more

  • Gralha beach silver coast

    What is the link between Yoga and Meditation?

    1st April 2021

    Why do we talk about Yoga in meditation? What is the link between the two? We’re not doing asana postures when meditating so why do some teachers mention Yoga when teaching meditation? The meaning of Yoga It all depends on your definition of Yoga. The definition of Yoga according to Patanjali, an Indian more

  • Blog Rachel Bonkink Sao Martinho bay

    How to quiet the voices inside your head

    29th March 2021

    If you’re an aspiring writer, a yoga teacher ready for more students. If you have an online business or you are an employee ready for a promotion; the struggle is real. You know that you ‘should’ do certain things to show the world that you are good at what you do, more

  • Sao Martinho do Porto

    Finding my Zen in Portugal

    23rd March 2021

    A while ago, I was a guest on the popular 'Portugal, the simple life-podcast'. If you're even slightly thinking of moving to Portugal, take a look at this website! It has loads of valuable and practical information. Dylan, who's hosting the podcast was interested in my why of moving and more

  • Beach view meditation

    Relief and Comfort through Yoga Philosophy

    23rd March 2021

    These pandemic times keep challenging many of us. Fear, denial, dishonesty, anger, frustration, greed and dissatisfaction seem to be all around us and, within us. Old scriptures like the Yoga Sutras have a wealth of knowledge in them. Knowledge that we can apply to our busy modern-day lives. Especially now, more than more

  • Beach clouds

    Just be You or, better not?

    4th March 2021

    Just be you or, better not? What an odd question you might think. Shouldn't we always be ourselves and thus our authentic self? From one question to another as now the question arises: who am I? In my case, I am a daughter, a lover, a soul sister, a meditation teacher, a partner, more

  • sandpipers revealing vajra

    Sandpipers and squirrels, observe and learn

    26th January 2021

    Wandering through the world. Roaming. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, just be. Anything can happen, nothing might happen. No expectations and full trust that something fun will eventually happen. Being completely open to new encounters, to meeting new people and to visiting new places. New New was the word in a more

  • and breathe

    ‘Just breathe’, how difficult can it be?

    6th October 2020

    'Just breathe, just follow your breath, allow the body to breathe', you've probably heard these words before at some point in a yoga or meditation class. Resulting in a sweet roll of the eyes perhaps. An understandable roll of the eyes as it can be seriously boring to observe your breath. I more