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    I’m Not Good Enough – 5 Techniques to Boost Your Confidence

    19th November 2013

    Self confidence was the overall theme over the past few weeks in my coaching conversations in Antwerp. Important enough to share my thoughts about it on a broader scale, and give you 5 techniques that will help you in simply feeling better about yourself. On a very personal note. The fact more

  • Change Your Words, Change Your World

    4th September 2013

    When I’m not bending people’s legs in a idyllic yoga retreat somewhere around the world, I teach yoga and I’m a personal coach in Antwerp. I prefer an holistic approach and therefore combine yoga, massages and one on one conversations. In many of these conversations, it’s interesting to zoom in more

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    Why Do We Meditate? Why bother?

    28th July 2013

    It's just another Thursday morning and we just finished our yoga class. Tuning in with the breath, neck rotations, my crazy ankle flexes, some hip and heart openers, gentle twists, one sun salut, arm torture with the belts, forward folds, backward folds, warrior 1, 2, triangle, another sun salut, sphinx, more

  • Five Things You Need to Know about Yoga

    3rd July 2013

    Every week I’m blessed to have new people in my classes, who have never done yoga before. Also, on my yoga retreats, I always have a few people who have never done yoga before. A privilege to enlighten them and to see if I can spark some enthusiasm. Some people have more

  • How to Control my Inner Control Freak

    9th May 2013

    "Just let go”, how simple does it sound, but why is it so difficult for us to actually do it? What would happen if you didn’t have the urge to control things? You would have to trust for the good to happen, right? Control feels safe, it’s also the perfect recipe more

  • 7 Great Breakfast Ideas

    8th April 2013

    Most people know that skipping breakfast is not such a good idea. When you start your day with an empty stomach, your blood-sugar levels drop and at some time, before lunch, you’ll be craving for an instant sugar fix. Which usually means chocolate, more coffee, or some other interesting choice… But what if more

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