If you are here, you are looking for a very special yoga retreat experience. This retreat is now postponed to 2021. Email Rachel, rbATrevealingvjra.com if you have any questions.

This Deep Dive Yoga Retreat is above all, a nurturing experience for Body and Mind. And that’s what we can all use right now, right? Meditation, yoga asana and yoga principles, nutrition and being in a group of like minded souls are the ingredients for a wonderful and immersive experience.

This week is a one of a kind week: Full of Yoga, Relaxation and Healthy Food!

Our home away from home is in Southern France, just South of Carcassonne.
September is one of the absolute best times to visit this region, with glorious sunshine and mild temperatures.

This signature retreat is perfect for both new and more experienced practitioners of yoga and/or meditation.

Come and join us !

To find out more or book your place...

Please contact Rachel at rb@revealingvajra.com if you would like to ask any questions about this retreat or how to book and pay for your place, she will be more than happy to get back to you!

You can also book and pay securely online here. Payments via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer

What You Can Expect

If you want to learn more about yoga, meditation, and bringing more balance and inner peace into your life, this week is for YOU! Because… You love yoga and how it makes you feel. You could use some techniques to calm your mind. You really want to get into a daily yoga and meditation practise. You want to get inspired. You want to eat healthy and delicious meals. You like spreading good vibes. You want to enhance your mental focus and energy. You want to spend a great week with an international crowd of cool people. You like to have Fun. You want to touch on your passion in life. This week is a full immersion into Yoga, Meditation and Healthy Food. It’s about Asanas and Philosophy. About Holiday and Learning. About Awareness and Fun. All levels of experience are welcome! If it’s all fairly new to you, you will get the best start in yoga you could ever imagine. So with that said, this is what you can expect for your price when you spend a week with us in the beautiful country house, Domaine de Mournac:
  • 7 nights in a beautiful back to nature venue
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day, and snacks, prepared by Hayley North, a well known expert in healthy cooking
  • 15-18 hours of yoga asana classes (Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa & Kundalini for sure included)
  • 15-18 hours of yoga philosophy, workshops, meditation, fun stuff,
  • 3-5 hours of nutritional workshops with Hayley
  • One full length treatment (to be confirmed)
  • One personal life coaching session with Rachel
  • One personal consultation with Hayley about your personal diet
  • Welcome gift
  • A lot of fun in an international environment

The Location

France yoga retreat viewWe like to change locations for our deep dive yoga retreats.

After Deep Dive Retreats in Morocco, Ibiza, Portugal and Italy, we now move to a beautiful back to nature retreat venue in the South West of France!

Domaine de Mournac provides the perfect environment to take time out of daily life and its remote, peaceful location makes it an ideal place for a real yoga retreat experience.

The focus here is on the landscape, the views and outstanding natural beauty.

This really is the perfect place for our deep dive retreat. Our domaine is very close to the Pyrenees mountains and the border with Spain. Here we can switch off, tune out, disconnect from day to day stimuli and immerse ourselves in the nourishing tranquility.

All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and eco friendly shampoo, conditioner and water are provided.

The Food

IMG_3071-300x300We are very excited to have Hayley North as our very own private chef again and, during this deep dive she will play an even more important role when it comes to nutrition.

Hayley understands exactly how to create menus that not only tantalise the taste buds but that are expertly tailored to support the deep dive process and provide a nutrient dense foundation for the week.

Hayley has many years of experience catering for yoga retreats all over the world and her food is known for being inspiring, creative, packed with vitality, nourishing and educational.

The menu will be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and will focus on foods that assist and encourage the cleansing process. During the week Hayley will show you just how delicious and varied a predominantly plant based vegan diet can be, whilst avoiding ALL refined/processed products and focusing on the gifts of nature.

Hayley NorthHayley caters effortlessly for those with allergies or intolerances. She incorporates ‘superfoods’, wild foods, fermented foods and tonic herbs into her dishes and shows you how to prioritise optimum nutrition in your meals – without compromising taste and pleasure!

Hayley’s food is educational and inspiring.

A week of intensive practice supported by Hayley’s menu is a perfect combination from where you have the opportunity and space to go as deep as you wish and feel the benefits this complimentary programme can offer.

The result of this program?

An experience that will change your life in a very Positive Way!



To find out more or book your place...

Please contact Rachel at rb@revealingvajra.com if you would like to ask any questions about this retreat or how to book and pay for your place, she will be more than happy to get back to you!

You can also book and pay securely online here. Payments via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Your Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Rachel Bonkink Revealing Vajra founder, Rachel Bonkink, will guide you during this Deep Dive.

In the past 9 years, Rachel built Revealing Vajra to be one of the leading yoga retreat companies. Rachel hosted over 80 of her own retreats and her corporate background makes her retreats down to earth. These retreats are among the top retreats out there! You can read Rachel’s story here.

The idea for this week came very gradually as more and more students started asking for a teacher training that was a bit different than what was currently available on the yogic market. Logical, as many of these people didn’t have 4 weeks to spend in India nor did they really have a yoga teacher career in mind. There are other options too, we know… but these people  were looking for more background on the philosophy, more alignment details, and all this in a week.

The first Deep Dives were held in Morocco, Ibiza and Italy. People were so enthusiastic that it was only logical that we would continue organising these wonderful weeks.

Rachel says: “ I have been teaching for several years now and I do what I do because it is who I am – it is what I love to do. Traveling the world and inspiring people anyway I can. I don’t take life all too seriously, nor do I see yoga as the most serious thing in the world. It has literally changed every single aspect of my life and still, it’s just yoga.

I am happy to discuss your expectations and see if this Deep Dive in Yoga is right for you. I welcome any and all questions or concerns you may have and invite you to email me at: rbATrevealingvajra.com

Flex your mind yoga book cover



Rachel’s new book, Flex Your Mind, 10 powerful Yoga principles for less stress in a busy world, is widely available. Order your copy HERE!


The Schedule

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
7-7:30 AM Meditation
7:40-9AM Yoga
9:15 Breakfast
11AM Lecture
1PM Lunch
4:15PM Walking Meditation
4:30PM-6PM Lecture
6PM Yoga
7PM Dinner
8:30PM Meditation

Tuesday and Thursday will have a morning / afternoon activity.
Monday is silence day with some minor (practical) changes to the schedule.


Flights and Transfers (to be confirmed)

You can either fly into Carcassonne, which is 1 hour away or fly into Toulouse, which is 2 hours away.
If you rather travel by train to Antugnac, please notice that the closest mainline train station is Carcassonne.
The closest branch train station is Couiza-Montazeis.

There will be one included transfer from Carcassonne and one included transfer from Toulouse, both at 16:00, 4PM.
On the 19th, there are again, two included transfers, leaving our venue at 10AM to both Toulouse and Carcassonne.
If you can’t make these shared transfers, we can arrange transfers for you, at extra cost.

With the current Covid19 situation and social distancing rules, we are not sure that a group transfer is an option. We will let you know, a week in advance what the options are. 

The Cost

Prices include full board accommodation, transfers, all yoga, meditation, walks, workshops, one full length treatment, one life coaching session and one personal nutrition talk.

We are only inviting 10 people to join us to ensure a personal approach.

Price for one week, all included starts at 1400 Euro for a glamping experience.

Shared room: 1600 Euro per person
Single room: 1800 Euro
Tent: 1400 Euro


Is this yoga teacher training registered with the Yoga Alliance?
No, this is not a yoga teacher training.

This week touches on accessing intuition and wisdom. On connecting to your own inner yoga teacher (without that, you cannot teach).
This Deep Dive in yoga week originated from the demand I got from so many students and yoga holiday participants who ‘just’ wanted to learn more about yoga. Who searched the net but couldn’t find what they were looking for. Who (maybe one day) want to teach. Who want to find a holiday with an extra touch, with more attention to awareness and conscious living, and have a lot of fun.

What if I am not flexible?
In the top 5 of questions asked so a very good one to ask!
Yoga is not about flexibility and for sure not during this week as we will zoom into that ‘other part’ of yoga as well. The part that is done when you’re not on the mat.

Yes, I will teach 4-5 hours a day of asanas and meditation but you are free to do whatever you want. If you want to skip a lesson? No problem.
This is your time to Relax and Enjoy. And also, during the lessons, I will keep a close eye that you stay within your limits and I can adjust all poses in order for everyone to follow the class.

What if I need to stay connected to the home front?
If you want to know about emergencies at home, you can always give the home front Rachel’s mobile phone number and/or email.

I’m 60 plus, am I too old?
One of my favorite yoga teachers is approaching 75 and in my school in Belgium, I used to have people of 80+ in my classes so NO, you are really never too old to do, start (or re-start) with yoga. All asanas, poses can be adjusted to your physical needs.

I’m young and/or fit and I love a good chaturanga, is this going to be boring?
On my yoga holidays, I usually have several yoga teachers joining. They practice asanas side by side to the less experienced yogis and sometimes they find themselves next to people who have never done yoga before. And it all works.
If you truly understand the definition of yoga, it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are for these kinds of weeks. By then, you will know how to bring the challenge into your practice, and I’m obviously not talking about putting your leg behind your ears.

By then, it will be more about how peaceful your thoughts are during class. About how focused you are on your own mat and body? About how calm and present your mind is? We will stand on our heads every now and then, or not, it’s all good!
Oh, what I find is that people who are used to the more fast paced Vinyasa and Power yoga classes learn tons during my lessons as there is no distraction… no pushing, simply being… very different to what they are used to at home usually.

It all depends on our group but usually, I do add several classes that might resemble the ‘normal’ vinyasa classes.

Is there some kind of ongoing support after this week?
I love to stay in touch and hear all about your adventures! I can say this now, even without knowing you because I only have nice and cool people joining my retreats and coachings.

Really, it’s a fact! Let me give you an example.
On one of my yoga holidays in Morocco, I had 9 people (in a group of 20) who were coming back for the second, third or fourth time ! 9 … that ‘s a lot of people… and we have stayed in touch; via email, Facebook, whatsapp, in person meeting up for lunch or a workshop – I love people so yes, let’s already agree to stay in touch?

I also offer coaching sessions to stay on track with your goals.

Will there be enough time to relax?
My intention is to blend the perfect amount of enjoyment with a quality learning experience. This venue is just perfect to do absolutely nothing.  It’s your holiday time as well so YES, there will be enough time to Relax, to study, to bond, to sleep, to walk, taste wine, explore or to do absolutely nothing at all.

What if I don’t think I want to be a yoga teacher?
This question is not so relevant for this week as it is not a yoga teacher training as such. It’s about You. About opening your heart, accepting yourself more fully and living the life you dream of. About taking the time, allowing yourself the time to learn more about yoga, in an awesome environment with likeminded people around; that’s what’s it’s all about.

What can we learn in only one week? Most trainings are between 200-500 hours!
I’m really grateful for some of my ‘corporate leftovers’… This still makes me very focused in life, which reflects in my coachings, holidays and in this Deep Dive Program.

Deep Dive in Yoga is NOT a yoga teacher training and it’s NOT a traditional yoga holiday either. This week is a complete immersion experience in yoga. And trust me, you will learn A LOT as I want to honor your commitment of time by fully giving you mine in return.
History, Philosophy, Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Meditation, Chakras, Nadis; we will talk about all of these topics!

Will I be able to teach yoga after this week?
Yes, you will be able to share your knowledge about yoga after this week! If we keep the definition of yoga in mind, of stilling the mind, you could perhaps teach people “yoga” already today, even without our Deep Dive!
It would be disrespectful to the ancient science of yoga and to the many 200 and 500 hours- yoga teacher trainings out there to say that we will accomplish the same in one week…

That is not my intention for this week. This week doesn’t even pretend to be a yoga teacher training! During this week you will Dive into Yoga and Meditation.
You will get a very good basis. You will understand that yoga is more than asanas. You will discover new ways to get to a consistent personal practice. You will learn new ways to meditate, to get a grip on your thoughts.
AND, you will be able to teach sun salutations and several asanas in a very safe way to people without any physical injuries.
I’m convinced that it takes years and years to fully understand the science of yoga but with this program, you can kick start that journey.

Will we stick to rules of social distancing?  
We will follow the rules and regulations that are in place in France, whatever they might be during the time of our retreat.
Excursions and transfers are to be confirmed, maybe very last minute.
We will try to have as many meals as possible outside, respect everyone’s view on the situation and try to make everyone feel as safe as possible.

Can we have a talk before I book?

Yes, I’m here for yeh!

Email rbATrevealingvajra.com with questions or to set up a time to talk.
I live in Portugal so no matter where you live; we can set up a time that works for both of us.

Rather catch me by surprise? Ok, the number is +32 476 204 121.

There is no time like the present to start living the life of your dreams…

Looking forward hearing from you!

What Should You Do Next?

If this sounds like something you would enjoy;

  • Relaxation and Me time in a wonderful setting…
  • Healthy and nutritious Food, all week long
  • Learning about the the real definition of yoga and accessing your intuition and wisdom…
  • The varied and interesting itinerary we have planned to ensure you have a relaxed and rejuvenating experience…

Then please make a no-obligation provisional booking. Just use our booking form at the bottom of this page and we’ll fill in your slot.

Hopefully we’ll see you in France in September!

Cancellation Policy, updated due to unprecedented Covid19 situation

As these are such challenging and insecure times, we are all taking a bit of a risk when booking this retreat. As I’m positive though (and I REALLY want to go), I have updated the Terms & Conditions. This way, we can go forward with the retreat bookings, book our flights and, I can be responsible in managing my small business.

You can secure your booking with a 500 Euro non-refundable deposit.

The remaining amount is due 5 weeks before the start date of the retreat (on August 8th, 2020).

In the event Revealing Vajra needs to cancel this retreat because of government regulations, not being able to have the retreat in France, in this case, there are 3 options:
1. You agree with simply moving your booking to a new date in 2021.
2. You prefer a refund, Revealing Vajra refunds you what you paid, minus the deposit of 500 Euros, before 31/12/2021.
3. You accept a voucher that can be used for any of our retreats till 31/12/2021.

In the event that you need to cancel the retreat, less than 5 weeks before the start date of the retreat: Revealing Vajra issues a voucher, minus the 500 Euro deposit, that can be used for any of our retreats till 31/12/2021.

We strongly encourage you to take a travel insurance to cover the costs of possible cancellation or illness.

Flights are not covered and not included in your retreat price.

At any time you can provide a replacement participant.


Very grateful to have stumbled on this yoga retreat. It’s the third time that I have been on a yoga holiday but without a doubt, this was the best experience. Rachel was so welcoming from day 1. It’s relaxing and Zen to just be around her. She was able to allow me to relax, despite experiencing two traumatic events during the retreat. I got so much out of the experience and I felt at home. It was, for me, life changing I would say, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do more of Rachel’s retreats!
Ibiza's Deep Dive Retreat

Kathryn Blakemore, UK

How can I shortly summarize my great and beautifull experience during the ‘deep dive into yoga’ retreat in Ibiza? It seems impossible however I will give it a try. Experience several yoga styles, learn more about the theory of yoga, experience 1 day of total silence, participate in a 10 kilometer walk and experience fresh, delicious & haute cuisine vegan breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and I am not even a vegetarian ;-)). All this in an international group of people!
The before mentioned contributed to a fantastic experience. Being a mam and partner I work quit hard, like to see my friends, play sports and follow yoga classes…in case I have time left :-). So I decided to give myself a present: Rachel’s deep dive into yoga. The week was all I had wished for. Yes, it takes some effort and – sometimes – hard work, but you will gain wonderfull experiences and deeper personal insights. You have the opportunity to work for one week on the level of body, mind and spirit. The perfect yoga retreat for me!!!
Ibiza's Deep Dive Retreat

Ginette Verkleij, the Netherlands

Revealing Vajra is an extremely nice experience. Best way to deep dive into yoga philosophy, experience new yoga styles and meet great people.
Rachel is a kind person, a great guide and an an awesome yoga teacher.
I will come back soon!

Céline, France

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