A vegan yoga retreat in Portugal is a way to fully experience what it is to live in Portugal. You will only taste local products, get hands on in the kitchen and there is daily yoga. We will do some walks and you stay in the most amazing historical venue.

I’m very excited to work together with Karen Lee on this retreat. Karen runs The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen which offers courses, workshops and on-line support for anyone who wants to improve their health or just eat great food.

The Yoga and Meditation classes, the Excursions, the Food Workshops: It is ALL Included in your Retreat Price.

This retreat will take place at this incredible 200 hundred year old quinta. Historically, quintas were family owned estate farm houses, often wine producing. It’s very special to stay in this house, with all its odd little corners. We will even have a chapel on site!
You can see where they made the wine, there’s old watermills and so much more to explore.

The really convenient thing about it is that this house is situated, just 15 minutes from the medieval city of Obidos.

If you’re not sure if a yoga retreat is what you’re looking for, you can always check out this blog post.

You will have 5 days of amazingly delicious and healthful food. This is an  opportunity to explore the great benefits of whole-food plant-based eating. During the workshops you will get hands on experience and learn new skills to incorporate positive changes back in your daily life.

There will be yoga, meditation, walks, relaxation, some culture and like minded people around. In conclusion, this is one of the best gifts to give to yourself, or to someone you love.

And, let’s not forget to bring in the weather into the mix!
June is by far the best month to visit Portugal. It’s nice and warm already but it’s also just before the manic tourist season takes off.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate contacting us.

To find out more or book your place...

Please contact Rachel at rb@revealingvajra.com if you would like to ask any questions about this retreat or how to book and pay for your place, she will be more than happy to get back to you!

You can also book and pay securely online here. Payments via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer


Our price for this healthy vegan yoga retreat in Portugal includes:
  • 4 nights at Quinta da Azenha
  • Transportation to/from day trips
  • 3 healthy meals a day, prepared with local ingredients
  • Drinks all day: water, fruit juices, tea,...
  • Day trip to the market to pick out your own fruit and veggies
  • Guided walk with an experienced and local guide
  • All cooking workshops and talks with Karen
  • Daily meditation and yoga classes featuring different yoga styles (mats are provided)
  • Use of estate premises (terraces, pool, etc.)
  • 1 workshop: How to Bring more Balance into your Daily Life
  • Welcome gift
  • Taxes
  • A wonderful group of likeminded people



Our Quinta is a hidden gem, just 15 minutes from the coast and Obidos, one of the most authentic villages in Portugal. We have an entire team on site, ready for you to assist you anyway you need. The meals you will have are prepared with care and organic and mostly local ingredients. Gluten Free and or other allergies, just let us know and we'll take care of it! Professional guidance in all cookingyoga and meditation classes. You will get to know different styles of yoga and different meditation techniques. A wonderful blend of international participants, from all over the globe. Both Karen and myself live in Portugal so you will get more in’s and out’s than on any other yoga holiday out there. The intention behind the retreat is to slow down, to replenish yourself with healthy food, to relax and to rejuvenate. So, our package will give you five days of awesome vegan menus, yoga, meditation and a Portuguese way of life! As a result, a cleansing experience that will fill your cup and leave you feeling healed and connected again.
If you consider a retreat, then I just have to recommend Rachel. Whatever your level of experience. We had yoga teachers in the group, people with injuries and people who had never done yoga before and it all worked beautifully. SHARON ACKROYD, UK


Our Home for the week in Olho Marinho, near Obidos is just perfect. Authentic, warm, and full of history.

Quinta da Azenha is a unique country hideaway. It’s remote location make it an ideal setting for the union of body, mind and spirit.

The house has 12 rooms, divided over a main house and two guest houses. All rooms are different and the owner has chosen to keep the rustic design. Rooms are not luxurious but they offer all you need during a retreat.

We will be in a very rural part of Portugal and at the same time, you can visit the beaches or the Lagoon of Obidos.


Flying into Lisbon Airport. Transfers are not included in your retreat price.

Our Quinta is an easy, 45 minute taxi drive away from the airport. Taxis all work with a meter and you can find them right outside of the airport. Renting your own car (or share one with other participants) to cruise around a bit is also an option of course.

You can book any flight that is convenient for you and you can check in as off 15:00.
Ideally, you arrive before dinner as we start our retreat at 7PM on the the 3rd of June.

On the 7th of June, we’ll have to leave our rooms at 11AM but you are welcome to stay till it’s time to go to the airport.


This is your time, your holiday, so if you want to skip a class or a workshop that is absolutely fine. Although we believe you will find the program stimulating and fun, primarily we want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Here is an example of a typical schedule. We like to be open to the unexpected and our schedule can change according to weather conditions, overall group preferences, etc.

07.30  Hatha yoga class
09.00 Wonderful Breakfast
10.30  Cooking Workshop: How to Make Delicious Healthy Desserts
13.00  Revitalising Lunch
14.00  Time for the Beach, Relaxing, Reading, Hanging out by the Pool
17.00  Eat Well, Live Well Talk and Cooking Demo
19.15  Mindfulness in 2020
20:00 Heartwarming Dinner
21:00 Free time


Nutritious and healthy food is a crucial aspect during this retreat.

Karen Lee – The Sensitive Foodie – will guide you every step of the way during this retreat. In her talks, she will cover different aspects of food, vitality and the healthful properties of a whole-food plant-based diet including how to maximise nutrients and gut health.
There will be cooking demos and the chance to get practical, hands on experience in the kitchen if you wish. This is not obligatory as we want you to relax and rejuvenate.

This week, out diet will be whole-food plant-based.
Taste and nutrition values will be maximised to the top.
This combination will promote feeling light, clean and will promote clarity of mind and openness of spirit.

Each meal is designed upfront and everything will be fresh, organic and locally-sourced.
For sure, at the end of the retreat, you will want ALL of the recipes!

If you don’t eat this or that, no to worry, Karen’s whole-food plant-based journey started out as a way of dealing with her food intolerances, so she is very experienced in creating meals that accommodate a range of allergies and intolerances.

Eat Well Live Well


From a purely physiological perspective, the purpose of eating is to provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs to function efficiently and effectively – basically, to survive. Broken down further, it’s to provide essential elements for multiples of biochemical processes. Our solid, physical being is made of these elements – which means we literally are what we eat!
The quality and quantity of the food we eat is absolutely key.

We are also energetic beings – each one of us possesses energy and vitality, a spark of life. This energy is supported and enabled at a chemical level from the essential nutrients we consume.

But for humans, food carries so much more meaning than just basic biochemistry and survival.
As social beings, the food we eat has become entwined in the fabric of daily life with multiple influences; family, friends, culture, religion and, increasingly, the media.

The food market has become a battleground with multiple commercial influences competing for attention – and profits. We are increasingly bombarded with confusing information and food-like products that grab our attention with promises of enjoyment and saved time.

But at what cost? An increasingly common disconnect between the food we eat and our individual life force. It’s so easy to fall into the marketing trap and transition to an energy zapping, nutrient deficient, vitality lacking way of eating that can lead to loss of vitality and inevitable downward spiral of ill health.

This Heal and Connect retreat is your opportunity to step back into your own space. To reconnect with the essential nature of live, whole foods and learn how to incorporate positive ways of maximising your own natural health and enjoyment so you can live life to the fullest.

To find out more or book your place...

Please contact Rachel at rb@revealingvajra.com if you would like to ask any questions about this retreat or how to book and pay for your place, she will be more than happy to get back to you!

You can also book and pay securely online here. Payments via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer



Rachel BonkinkI will be your personal yoga and meditation teacher and, travel guide on this vegan yoga retreat in Portugal. Excited to show you why I decided to move from Morocco to this wonderful place on earth.

You will go home after this retreat, with a mental back pack, filled with practical tools to help you maintain and cultivate Balance in your daily life. 

As the owner of Revealing Vajra, I teach on about 12 yoga retreats per year. All carefully designed by myself to have you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. I am teaching for several years now and hosted over 80 retreats and I do what I do because it is who I am – it is what I love to do. Traveling the world and inspiring people in anyway I can.

I will help you to focus on enjoying your practice and gaining new insights into your body, mind and the yoga philosophy. There will be different yoga styles during this retreat.

The experience that you have with yoga/meditation is not important
, at all. There will be people in the group with no experience at all and there might be teachers, it’s all good, it all works out as I can adjust all postures and techniques.

To me, these holidays are so much more than just a getaway. These retreats can be truly life changing and empower you to become a more healthy and happy person.

Every year, I attend at least 2 or 3 (silent) retreats myself, as a student, with teachers like Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clarke, Alan Wallace, Jack Kornfield and other ‘less known’ mentors.

Rachel Bonkink Karen Lee

A 10 Day Intensive Portuguese Course probably kicked of this vegan yoga retreat idea. Not taking life too seriously as you can see 🙂


Karen LeeAs an experienced intensive care nurse with a degree in Acute Clinical Care, Karen had an extensive knowledge of how the body works – or so she thought. As she learned about nutritional medicine, including during time spent in India, a whole new world of health opened up. She began blogging about her new way with food and The Sensitive Foodie was born.

Since switching to a whole-food plant-based diet, Karen has experienced radical changes in her own health and well-being. Whilst working as nurse, Karen was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an incurable neurological autoimmune disease.

Using a plant-based diet and other lifestyle practices, Karen continues to manage her health positively and live well and supports others to do the same with courses, workshops and one to one sessions.

Karen’s first book, Eat Well Live Well with The Sensitive Foodie was published in February 2019 and has gained readers and rave reviews from all around the world.



Prices include full board accommodation, all workshops, talks, all yoga and meditation classes, a guided walking tour, and a market excursion.

625€ per person for shared accommodation for one week, only rooms left with 1 bed
725€ per person for private accommodation for one week

If you are a single traveler, no worries, most people are, so we can set you up with a roommate to share the room.


CANCELLATION POLICY FOR THIS RETREAT FROM JUNE 3-7, 2020 – updated due to Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Due to the worldwide Corona, Covid 19 virus, we have postponed this retreat.

Further updates on the new dates will follow as soon as there is more information.





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Simple, this is the PERFECT environment to Unwind, to Relax,to take some Time off and Recharge.

We promise that everything will be included in the retreat price.

We are convinced that you will love every single meal.

You will leave feeling loose, stretched, stronger and more peaceful.

Furthermore, you will feel rejuvenated and most of all Happy.