If you have any doubts about attending a yoga retreat or not, check out this article.

  1. Yoga is a thing

No better way to focus and go deeper in your yoga practice than on a yoga retreat.
2 to 4 hours of yoga postures will give you so much more time than in a regular class. This means that you can really zoom into certain things.

And, if you have never done yoga before, a yoga retreat is an excellent way to dive in! You can truly experience what yoga can mean for you.

Some retreats, like the Revealing Vajra yoga retreats, will have you experience different yoga styles to really explore yoga as such.

  1. There’s an interest in meditation

Yoga and Meditation go together and on most yoga retreats, there will be enough time set apart to zoom into meditation.
On some retreats, it is a very limited amount of time, on other retreats; meditation takes up as much time as the yoga postures. It all depends on the intention of the retreat.

yoga retreat marrakech

  1. You love great food

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten or dairy free: a yoga retreat is usually the perfect place to experiment with healthy food ideas and the impact they can have.

Simply cutting out an overload of coffee, processed foods, alcohol and sugar will make you instantly feel completely different in body and mind.

  1. Wonderful environments make you feel at ease

Roof top yoga with a view on the High Atlas Mountains is simply an unforgettable experience. Most retreat venues are little sanctuaries that make you feel at ease and relaxed, almost on arrival.

beach yoga retreat

  1. A bit of structure can’t hurt

On retreats, you tend to follow the flow of the retreat schedule, which gives you a perfect opportunity to check in with your habits. Examining which habits serve you and discovering the habits that don’t exactly serve you.

Best case, everything is nicely organized for you on a yoga retreat so you can be 100% worry free and you don’t have to arrange anything yourself.

  1. It’s just time for a break!

For most people, the main reason to go on a yoga retreat is that it is simply time for a break.
Maybe, it has been a while that you have truly felt confident, happy and relaxed, and a yoga retreat tends to deliver exactly that.

yoga retreat desert morocco

  1. Inspiration please!

A yoga retreat is the perfect environment to get some new inspiration. Whether it be inspiration on new eating habits or a yoga practice. Or, on how to bring yoga into your daily life or picking up things from just being in a new country: fact is that you will be inspired.

  1. It’s brilliant to have like minded people around

Yoga retreats typically attract like minded people with similar professions and interests. If you have the pleasure of going on a retreat which has an international group coming together, you can engage with people from all around the globe.
A lot of laughter and interesting conversations are a given in that case.

yoga retreat scotland chitchat

  1. Exploring a new culture is a massive bonus

The ideal yoga retreat has the right balance between exploration and relaxation. When visiting a country like Morocco for example, you can explore the magic of Marrakech to be totally inspired and dazzled at the same time.

  1. Me, myself and I

Most participants on yoga retreats are solo travelers. For lots, a deliberate choice to not bring the kids and/or partner to really zoom into what it is that they need.
Especially when people are in certain roles of care givers, parents or managerial roles, it can feel extremely liberating and relaxing to spend some time all by yourself.

The benefit of a yoga retreat is than that you are in a safe environment and you can be as social or private as you wish to be at any moment.

savasana yoga retreat

These were the 10 compelling reasons why you need a yoga retreat. If you got all inspired and convinced that you need a retreat.

You can check www.revealingvajra.com to see what the upcoming retreats are.


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  1. Nice blog on this topic. I did yoga retreat in rishikesh

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