If you’re ready for a holiday that leaves you feeling completely rejuvenated and wonderfully recharged, then a Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreat is definitely for YOU.

Last year, over 150 yogis and yoginis joined us on an unforgettable yoga holiday to detox body and mind.

1 out of 4 guests book again ! These holidays are the Real deal!

Do you long for some well deserved me time and restore your body and mind?

Check out our upcoming yoga retreats in Morocco, Italy and Ibiza !

This Revealing Vajra yoga retreat was more than I expected.
Peace, companionship, good food but, most important an overall sense of reaching a new plateau in re-starting a flexible yoga practise (as we learned different yoga styles) and time to quiet the chatter in the mind. I will return!

Charlene Mc Kain, USA

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