A while ago, I was a guest on the popular ‘Portugal, the simple life-podcast’. If you’re even slightly thinking of moving to Portugal, take a look at this website! It has loads of valuable and practical information.

Dylan, who’s hosting the podcast was interested in my why of moving and how I found my zen in Portugal. More in particular, of all places, why I moved to this little town of Sao Martinho do Porto?

Zen in Portugal podcast

Since 2017, I have been organising yoga retreats in the South of Portugal. Always extremely charmed by the robustness of the coastline and the incredible food. But it never really came to me as an idea to move to Portugal. I was absolutely fine living in Essaouira, a small fishermen’s town in Morocco.

One day, I was visiting the area and without any particular reason, I decided to move and settle in Portugal.

It just felt right.

It felt right to move then and it still feels more than right to be here in this little town on the Silvercoast.
(The sand is actually silvery so just in case you’re wondering about that name?)

It has been an incredible privilege to spend my lockdown time here. I fully appreciate the luxury of simply being able to walk to the ocean when things get a bit hectic in my mind. It is also the absolute perfect spot to write my second book. After my first book on how to Flex your Mind, I’m now working on a Meditation manual, how to make Meditation practical.

In the podcast, we talked about everything Portugal, how live is and what it is that I do.

Feel free to have a listen and please don’t hesitate contacting me when you have any further questions about living in Portugal, or Morocco for that matter.

For upcoming yoga retreats in Portugal and around the world, feel free to visit my website, www.revealingvajra.com and if you’re interested in personal coaching and meditation, check out www.rachelbonkink.com

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