Acceptance can be a tricky concept. It doesn’t mean leaning back and losing all motivation to change and grow.

On the contrary, it is through contentment that we can change.

This is why contentment comes before self-discipline in the 10 principles of Yoga, described by Patanjali (the Yamas and the Niyamas).

Let’s zoom in a little further into acceptance.


Usually women, but more and more men as well, develop what we call ‘an emotional bumper’ around the waist. A bit of extra fat that seems to be quiet stuck. And, it’s the very last part that disappears when you go on a diet.

Besides manic exercise, lifestyle change, cardio and a decent diet, quite often a breakthrough question to losing the extra weight is: what are you protecting yourself from?

At some point in time, it was perhaps needed to brace yourself due to certain circumstances. You needed a bit of reserve to be able to cope with a situation.

Abusive relationships, a job where the life / work balance is totally out-of-whack, caretaking – all examples where there is both a physical and an emotional drain.

Awareness and acceptance

Meditation Retreat Portugal Acceptance

Silence, meditation and retreat

Being aware of your present situation, trusting that it’s safe to let go of the bumper and thus the past, can really kick off that ‘miraculous’ weight loss.

And this is exactly why contentment comes before self-discipline as a Yoga principle. We need to fully accept what is before we can change it.

And this also explains why non-violence is the very first principle, as everything needs to be seen in the light of non-violence.

All principles fit wonderfully together when you take a moment to think about it.

Flex your Mind

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