• Revealing Vajra Yoga retreat

    Yoga Philosophy for Daily Life: Satya, Truthfulness

    25th June 2018

    This is part three of a series exploring the ten principles of yoga philosophy, also known as the yamas and niyamas. Come and explore this fascinating ancient wisdom with me. Experience how things start manifesting automatically when you start implementing these principles into your daily life. Whether you consider yourself more

  • Yoga Philosophy for Daily Life: Ahimsa, Non-Violence

    24th June 2018

    This is part two of a series, covering the ten principles of yoga philosophy, also known as the yamas and niyamas. From my perspective as a life coach and teacher, I invite you to discover this ancient wisdom with me. I invite you to explore how you can integrate more

  • silence retreat

    Yoga Philosophy for Stress Relief

    23rd June 2018

    Do you know this feeling of being all Zen and relaxed after your yoga class and just half an hour later, you’re feeling completely frustrated again? Just because your partner wasn’t supportive enough, you read a work email or your kids were, well, being kids? Taking your yoga beyond the physical more

  • yoga retreat in France

    Yoga Retreat in France

    29th May 2018

    Some questions answered about our yoga retreat in France. WHY I ORGANISE A YOGA RETREAT IN FRANCE Because I love France!!! I always have. Whether cruising the Burgundy region to find exquisite wines or exploring the Champagne caves (I wasn’t always miss holy yogi who starts singing now after having 2 glasses of more

  • Portugal silence retreat

    The Power of a Silent Retreat

    27th May 2018

    A silent retreat can be truly transformational and healing. With the right guidance, it can you give insights in your feelings and make it clear why you do the things you do. Zooming in on this subtle feeling that there is something missing for example. This overwhelming feeling of lack, of absence, more

  • 3 Powerful Investments In Yourself that Will Change Your Life

    9th May 2018

    “Métro - Boulot – Dodo”. An interesting little phrase in French to express that lots of people live to work. Literally translated but far less poetic it means:  underground - work - sleep. We get up, commute, work, run errands, eat, and go to bed in order to repeat the more

  • revealing vajra bali beach

    What You will Realise on Your Yoga Retreat

    8th May 2018

    On a yoga retreat, we step away from daily life. We have the time to pause, to listen and to become deeply aware of ourselves. By doing less and having the support we need, we can re-discover ourselves and start manifesting. There are also certain realisations that will pop up but more

  • Essaouira excursion

    Yoga Poses to Ease Lower Back Pain

    4th May 2018

    Do you have any yoga poses to ease lower back pain? Probably one of the top questions I get asked. Or, what should I do to relieve my back pain? “Move”… is the easy answer. Move every hour, move at least half an hour per day, every single day, go for walks, dance, more

  • yoga retreat morocco

    Meet Your Host and Yoga Retreat Expert

    9th April 2018

    From corporate to yoga retreat expert... It seems so long ago but just seven years ago, I was still climbing the corporate ladder. From field research manager towards operational director in 7 years. In the end, being a partner and managing a whole lot of people in several countries. During those years, more

  • revealing vajra bali beach

    What does Revealing Vajra mean?

    6th February 2018

    The company name, Revealing Vajra was born on a deserted beach in the South of Bali, about 7 years ago. I was reading a Dutch book about Buddhist psychology from Robert Hartzema and discovered the history of the diamond path. Hartzema explains that vajra can mean diamond and thunderbolt. The Vedas, ancient more