These pandemic times keep challenging many of us.

Fear, denial, dishonesty, anger, frustration, greed and dissatisfaction seem to be all around us and, within us.

Old scriptures like the Yoga Sutras have a wealth of knowledge in them. Knowledge that we can apply to our busy modern-day lives. Especially now, more than ever before, we can find relief and comfort in these teachings.

Ten principles in particular, referred to as the Yama and Niyama in yoga philosophy, can impact your life in a very positive way. I wrote a whole book about it, explaining in detail how you can apply these principles into your daily life. Flex your Mind is available wherever they sell books. If you’re looking for more relief and comfort, check out this book!

Check out my article on OM Yoga Magazine here.


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Rachel Bonkink
Rachel is a meditation teacher, a published author, a mindset coach, an accomplished speaker and the founder of Revealing Vajra-amazing yoga retreats. In a past life, she fully enjoyed the corporate life as an operational director of medical market research firm. “By combining coaching and meditation, my favourite thing to do is to make meditation easy and guide people into creating more peace of mind.” Check out her book, Flex your Mind and her meditations on

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    Flex your mind yoga book cover


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