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    Why Do We Meditate? Why bother?

    28th July 2013

    It's just another Thursday morning and we just finished our yoga class. Tuning in with the breath, neck rotations, my crazy ankle flexes, some hip and heart openers, gentle twists, one sun salut, arm torture with the belts, forward folds, backward folds, warrior 1, 2, triangle, another sun salut, sphinx, more

  • Holiday Time!

    16th July 2013

    "Thank God, just three more days to survive at work and I can finally relax and go on my holiday. And, let me tell you: I need it!" I heard many people saying this phrase or something very similar in the last few weeks. They are thrilled to plug out and not more

  • Five Things You Need to Know about Yoga

    3rd July 2013

    Every week I’m blessed to have new people in my classes, who have never done yoga before. Also, on my yoga retreats, I always have a few people who have never done yoga before. A privilege to enlighten them and to see if I can spark some enthusiasm. Some people have more

  • Top Things to Do in Rome

    16th June 2013

    Have you ever been to Rome? I can definitely recommend it as one of my favorite destinations for a city trip. Personally, I just love Rome! Whether you like shopping, museums, churches, obelisks (18!), great cheap food, great expensive food, amazing roof top terraces, simple lodging, extravaganza lodging; Rome has got it more

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    Hosting the Perfect Yoga Retreat

    2nd June 2013

    Last week Myrna Van Kemenade and myself hosted, what I would call: the Perfect Yoga Retreat. We had 9 beautiful people from all around the world joining and some knockout diamonds were revealed. I really wonder sometimes why I am this fortunate to be welcoming all these wonderful people on my more

  • How to Control my Inner Control Freak

    9th May 2013

    "Just let go”, how simple does it sound, but why is it so difficult for us to actually do it? What would happen if you didn’t have the urge to control things? You would have to trust for the good to happen, right? Control feels safe, it’s also the perfect recipe more

  • “Yo, I’m a Yogi!”

    21st April 2013

    Heard this phrase for the first time at one of our retreats in Italy. One of our participants had attended a workshop in New York and someone introduced himself to the group with these words. It goes without saying that during the retreat this phrase became our retreat slogan and more

  • 7 Great Breakfast Ideas

    8th April 2013

    Most people know that skipping breakfast is not such a good idea. When you start your day with an empty stomach, your blood-sugar levels drop and at some time, before lunch, you’ll be craving for an instant sugar fix. Which usually means chocolate, more coffee, or some other interesting choice… But what if more

  • 5 Tips to Beat the Stress at Work!

    23rd March 2013

    At least 15 unanswered emails? ‘Always’ running late for appointments? Demanding customers on the phone? Feeling like an office zombie? Deadlines? Your boss being a boss? Thinking you urgently need a holiday or change, or both? Trust me, I know what it feels like, I was there! When you're stressed at work, a more

  • Rachel Bonkink

    From the Boardroom to the Yoga Shala!

    17th March 2013

    Hi and welcome to the Diamond Blog! I’m Rachel Bonkink, Dutch name, Dutch nationality, but I have been living in Belgium for about 25 years or so. I’m based in Antwerp, a super nice city, actually more like a village but we (the Antwerp people) like to think of it more