Way to the beach

Cableway to get to the beach in Bali…

“Thank God, just three more days to survive at work and I can finally relax and go on my holiday. And, let me tell you: I need it!”

I heard many people saying this phrase or something very similar in the last few weeks. They are thrilled to plug out and not go to work for at least a week. Nothing wrong with the phrase, we all need a holiday every now and then. Even if it’s just around the corner, just to check out of our daily routines.

What I find very interesting, is to examine why some people are completely burned out and need their holiday so badly? Could it be because their work is taking much more energy than it should? I still remember my own holidays when still racing in the corporate treadmill: The first few days usually consisted out of 14 hours of sleep, de-zombionizing and wrestling my way through yoga classes. The difference now is that I can start my holiday from the minute I leave my doorstep.

” Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Most of us know this famous quote by Confucius but when you really think of it: Do you have the feeling that you’re working? If you’re not working, do you still need a holiday? Or are you just interested to see new places perhaps, meet new people and cultures? If it’s the latter, you’re on the safe side.

My bedroom in Wadi Rum

My bedroom during a silence retreat in Jordan

I’m always curious to hear the reasons for what is stopping people from doing what they love. A side remark would be: What would happen if everyone did what they loved? Would the world really be a better place or would we be heading towards total catastrophe? Do share your thoughts on this one!

Doing what you love, it sounds so (irritatingly?) easy. There might be many, perfectly logical and reasonable, reasons for you to work in something that you don’t particularly like.

But why is it so important to do what you like? Two ‘simple’ reasons:

1. You will be more successful
We are more likely to be successful at something we love.
If you asked me to become a master mind statistician, I could try my very best, but most likely, I would fail. I always had great respect for our statisticians in my previous working environment. They would be in this very special and exclusive cyber zone somewhere, with all their funky software tools to analyze raw data. Lots of data, all day long: me and my computer. On some occasions, I had to do this myself and the results would be ok but mind blowing reports were not to be expected. I simply wasn’t born a statistician, I get bored and I need people, interaction, action, unexpected stuff and connecting; that is what makes me tick. Pursuing a career as a statistician, just because it’s kina cool and you can earn a lot of money, when you’re in the right place, would always leave me to be a mediocre one.

2. You will be happier and feel better
When you do what you love, your body will also be different then when you do something you dislike (or worse, hate). No need to inform you that our mind and body are deeply connected, and that an unhealthy mind may lead to unnecessary illnesses and much more complications. Complaints like headaches, stomach problems, troubles sleeping, lower back pains, neck pains; lots of these symptoms can directly be linked back to work.
And, when do you know something is really wrong? When you get sick during your well deserved holiday! After all that stress, there’s finally the moment to let go completely and relax, and what happens? Tada! We end up feeling miserable and get sick. Because of the air conditioning we’re not used to? I don’t think so….


India will remain in my top 3 of holiday destinations

Two very simple facts with a huge impact.

I’ve had the pleasure of organizing 4 yoga holidays and there’s a pretty impressive ratio by now on people that quit their job, right after (literally on the following Monday) or some months after the retreat. Taking some time off to think about you, your work, your life even, does magic. I’m not saying everyone should quit their jobs instantly, not at all, maybe you’re perfectly happy with it but if you’re having doubts about your energy levels, maybe it’s time to take a break and think things over.

Simply thinking about what makes you tick, writing it down, requires growth and adventuring beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, but let me assure you: it’s worthwhile the effort.

Need for speed

Motorcycles make me tick for sure! It used to be a serious Need for Speed, now it’s cruising around (with an occassional speed need)

Do you know what makes you tick?

What is motivating you? Inspiring you? It’s something that’s not just making you happy, it goes beyond feeling happy. What inspires you, pushes you, excites you? Do you know?

I hope this post will inspire you to think about what it is you love and how you can pursue it.

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  1. Karolien says:

    You made me curious about your recent blog yesterday… Touché!! 🙂 Something to consider, I know… but perhaps the 3 days of Rock Werchter had also something to do with it . Again, a very insiring post!! You make it sound all so easy…

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