Still a little jetlagged but with renewed energy and lots of inspiration I’m happy to share my experience on our yoga holiday in Chile.

Canal Om, a Dream come True

Canal Om was our home for the week and this location is by far one of the most pure and impressive locations I have ever seen, and I have seen at least 30 or so.
Right at the Pacific, little pathways that take you to your room or the yoga shala: Everything is just right.

It was Gustavo Ponce’s dream, the owner of Canal Om and a very known yoga teacher in Chile, to make Canal Om the ideal location for a yoga holiday. A place where people could practice yoga, meditate and feel at home. Mission accomplished I would say!

Never a dull moment at Canal Om

Never a dull moment at Canal Om

The location is not just about yoga. There are several pools, thalassa therapy, an incredible massage room, sauna, whirlpools and even a little private beach nearby.

Great Group Dynamics

As usual our group was very international again. We had people flying in from Belgium, Canada and the UK. Busy professionals, active in PR, HR and Marketing, who just needed some time out of the rat race and took the big jump of booking a yoga retreat with a Belgian based teacher.

The ideal mix again between beginners and more advanced yoginis. One of our participants even had a teacher’s degree, and she just wanted some quality time to focus on her own practice.

Our Belgian participant knew what she was in for, as she went with me on my very first yoga holiday in Italy! You can read all about our Italian retreats on the blog I wrote a while ago, the title says it all: Hosting the perfect yoga retreat.

The Best Teachers

I love working together with other teachers on my yoga holidays and also at Canal Om, we had quite a few amazing lessons from great teachers.

Katiza Satya and Sahaj’s lessons were intense and challenging for the more advanced yogis and at the same time very accessible for beginners. Not an easy thing to master, teaching levels that are so different but Katiza and Sahaj are clearly yoga pros!

Katiza and Sahaj, great teachers!

Katiza and Sahaj, great teachers, wondeful people!

For our participants it almost turned out to be a yoga festival as Gustavo also taught several lessons, using the wall, making us suffer from time to time 🙂 .

To top it off, we even had a real swami visiting Canal Om and he guided us through a lovely yoga nidra. Not to fall asleep was a huge struggle for most of us, still a bit jetlagged, add a monotone voice right after an intense yoga lesson, well, good night dear yogis and yoginis!

All inclusive Excursions

Canal Om is located near Los Vilos. “I went to Chile on a yoga holiday and we did an excursion to Los Vilos”, well, that just doesn’t make a great T-shirt… Nothing wrong with Los Villos, we went shopping for dulce de leche in the Unimarc, had a great coffee and fun beach time but there was much more to see and do. All inclusive of course, as the leaving your wallet at home principle remains on all our trips.

Horseback riding along the Pacific

Horseback riding along the Pacific

So we explored the region a bit and went to El Puquen. A majestic geyser, unfortunately not so majestic at the time of visiting but the walk up and the lunch beforehand, almost made us forget about the whole geyser.

A very early and silent sunrise walk to the beach, horseback riding along the coast: Ah…, can I go back now?

Fully rejuvenated and happy, our participants went back to their jobs and daily lives, taking with them an incredible experience. For sure, I will see some of them back in Chile next year, or, in one of our other locations.

If you’re interested in a yoga holiday, make sure to check out the Revealing Vajra site. We offer year round yoga retreats, in Chile but also in Costa Rica and Italy, and we’re planning on many other dazzling locations!
Contact us  for more information.



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