Speaker's corner

Speakers’ corner at In Sabina

Last week, I hosted, what I would call: the Perfect Yoga Retreat.
15 beautiful yogis and yoginis, coming together in Italy for relaxation, yoga, great food, growth, friendship and lots of me time.

If you have been reading my previous posts, you will see that I’m repeating myself…

I wrote exactly the same sentence in May, coming back from In Sabina, hosting a retreat with 9 beautiful people!

It’s not that I’m running out of inspiration for my blogs, on the contrary! It’s just very funny that I say exactly the same words after every retreat: “This retreat was the best one so far!”. I have said the same phrase 7 times by now :).

There aren’t enough words to describe my gratitude for doing what I like so much.

One participant from the US, mentioned yesterday that she’s having PRBS, Post Retreat Bliss Syndrome! She fell out of the yoga bubble and simply missed our time together. Looking at all the mails though going back and forth between our participants, luckily decreases the PRBS symptoms. It’s so nice to see people find real friendship and some are even planning get-togethers in the very near future.

Another participant, she came all the way from Guatemala!, succeeded in capturing the spirit of our week on video. So why would I bother you with 15 reasons to go on one of my yoga retreats? Just check out the video below and see for yourself how happy and relaxed the participants look!


Wondering if you could benefit from a yoga retreat as well?  Perhaps the best way to find out is to just pack your bags and book!

Our upcoming yoga holiday is in Costa Rica. An ideal getaway for the busy Christmas and New Year’s weeks, celebrating these holidays in a very special place.
From December 21-28 and from December 28-4th of January 2014.

If you would like to find out more, just ask for the info pack on this website and I will send you all the details.
Flight prices are going up as we speak, so I’m offering a special and limited Deal when you book before December 1st!

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