All the signs are pointing towards a yoga retreat but you’re not entirely convinced yet if it’s really for you?

Then, read the top 5 benefits of going on a yoga retreat.

1. Find True Relaxation

Why are yoga retreats becoming more popular? Often, a break from your busy schedule, bad habits and constant digital bombardment is the best way to set you back on track towards living the life that you dream of.

In our fast moving society it is increasingly more difficult to relax. It’s almost like it’s forbidden somehow. We always need to be Doing something. Checking or following up on ‘something’.

Most people nowadays are wasting their lives Scrolling!

On a yoga retreat, you easily become aware of ways on how to take back the control of your own Time and Relax.

2. Full Focus on Yourself

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Truly, for yourself? And, when was the last time that you did something for yourself that had nothing to do with your partner, children, job nor household?

Another plus of retreats is that you are on a holiday but you don’t have any of the organizational stress that usually comes with it. Where to eat and what to do; It’s all been taken care off, for You. And if you don’t want to join an activity, you don’t.
For once, it is all about You.

You will sleep well, eat well, connect with nature and enjoy Yourself.

Time spent on oneself is beyond crucial and valuable for one’s well-being and growth.

3. Gateway to Finding Happiness

When you’re feeling physically and mentally exhausted from your high pressure job, you don’t even want to think about happiness. The job might be very rewarding and even super fun but there’s no time to reflect on life.
On a retreat, you can take some time off to reflect, become aware of your routines and habits. To check if you’re on target and to see if things are exactly the way you want them to be.

On a retreat you can practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation every single day, without any distraction. You’re concentrating on your practice, and relaxing or taking advantage of optional activities in between.

Your health and wellbeing are placed front and center. Each day you can achieve what you set out to do, and have a taste of living your life with an element of purpose. After just one week, many people come home with a refreshed appreciation for life. They feel happier, healthier, and re-energized to jump back into life with new enthusiasm.

4. Discover wonderful places and new cultures

A yoga retreat can be your chance to explore the world, in a very safe way. These days, you can pretty much go on retreat anywhere in the world: Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Costa Rica, Bhutan, etc.

I love hosting retreats in Morocco because I live here and Morocco is in many ways perfect to learn about yoga. That is, yoga; on but especially Off the mat. Let me just say that ‘going with the flow’ gets completely new dimensions in this country! It’s exciting, confronting and wonderful all at the same time. There ‘s incredible food, friendliness and smiles all over. It is so different from most Western countries that it easy to switch off and take in all the new impressions.

5. Rejuvenate with yoga and meditation

Mentioning this benefit as the last one in the list shows you just how many aspects of your life a good yoga retreat will touch.

One of the reasons to go on a yoga retreat maybe to start with yoga or to enhance your practice. And, no doubt, this will happen. On a retreat, there is time to zoom into postures and breathing, as there’s no hurry whatsoever to clear the room for a next class or for you to be home to make dinner, etc etc.

The teacher can see you practicing the whole week and you can take advantage of the one-on-one time they usually offer to help you with your practice. And speak to them throughout the retreat about yoga, meditation and wellbeing in general.

It’s hard to end this list at 5 as there are at least 50 more, besides the 5 benefits of going on a yoga retreat mentioned here. If you want to join yours truly on a retreat, I encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later! Some of my Revealing Vajra yoga retreats sell out several months before the start date. You can learn more about all retreats here.

Rachel Bonkink
Teaching yoga and meditation is what I love. Over the past 6 years, I have organised and thought on more than 50 of my Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreats. I enjoy life as much as possible and preach about life being too damn short to worry or be upset. When I’m not at the beach in Essaouira, I might be hosting a retreat somewhere on this beautiful globe or hugging a donkey.

I welcome any and all questions. You can contact me directly using the form on the Revealing Vajra website, or have a ‘social media go’ with the buttons here below.

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