The company name, Revealing Vajra was born on a deserted beach in the South of Bali, about 7 years ago. I was reading a Dutch book about Buddhist psychology from Robert Hartzema and discovered the history of the diamond path.

Hartzema explains that vajra can mean diamond and thunderbolt.
The Vedas, ancient Indian scriptures, mention the vajra as the weapon and symbol of Indra, the God of thunder and lightening.

In Buddhism, vajra became a symbol of purity, transparency and indestructability of the awakening consciousness.

Vajra means diamond

The more I read, the more I got excited about the name vajra, meaning diamond, as such.

Lots can be said and written about other meanings of vajra, from thunderbolts to a scepter-like ritual object and even tantric rituals but diamond is the translation that stuck with me.

In my vision, every single person has a shiny and bright diamond within him or her, everybody, without exception.

However, so many things can happen in our daily lives that make ‘our diamonds’ accumulate ‘a bit of dust’ at times. The ‘dust’ is more than annoying as we can’t see our diamonds shining any more and sometimes, we even forget that they are able to shine.

But, the diamonds are always there. It’s like the sun; we can’t get rid of it, even if we try. The sun is always there but our vision sometimes gets clouded which makes us unable to see the sun.

7 years later, Revealing Vajra stands for a boutique yoga retreat company, organizing the most amazing holidays around the world.
During these holidays, we rejuvenate and we polish. We take time out of our daily lives to step back and focus on yoga, meditation, great food and rest, in order for us to reveal the diamond within.

I hope to see you soon on one of my yoga retreats to polish your inner diamond!

Founder of Revealing Vajra, amazing yoga retreats

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Yoga Retreats Calendar

  • Yoga in the Scottish Highlands<br>Yoga Holiday, Scotland Yoga in the Scottish Highlands
    Yoga Holiday, Scotland
    17 August - 22 August 2019
  • Luxury Yoga Retreat<br>Yoga Holiday, Mallorca Luxury Yoga Retreat
    Yoga Holiday, Mallorca
    28 October - 3 November 2019
  • Wonderful Yoga Weekend<br>Belgium Wonderful Yoga Weekend
    15 November - 17 November 2019
  • Magic in Marrakech<br>Christmas Yoga Holiday, Morocco Magic in Marrakech
    Christmas Yoga Holiday, Morocco
    21 December - 28 December 2019
  • Unlock your Potential<br>Yoga Retreat, Morocco Unlock your Potential
    Yoga Retreat, Morocco
    21 March - 28 March 2020
  • Yoga and Hiking<br>Yoga Holiday, Morocco Yoga and Hiking
    Yoga Holiday, Morocco
    30 May - 6 June 2020
  • VIP Yoga & Life Coaching Experiences<br>Exclusive & Worldwide VIP Yoga & Life Coaching Experiences
    Exclusive & Worldwide
    7 January - 31 December 2019
  • Silence and Meditation Retreat<br>Silence Retreat,Portugal Silence and Meditation Retreat
    Silence Retreat,Portugal
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