Hey, how are you?
Fine, great, couldn’t be better. And you?
No, really, how are you?

I’m asking as, around this time of year, lots of people are not so fine.

So many days into the New Year, so many days that have passed already and they’re not coming back.

And maybe, you have done absolutely NOTHING spectacular or noteworthy in this time.
Well, you know what?

That is absolutely fine!

And maybe, you have no idea yet what you’re up to in the New Year either.
Which is absolutely fine as well.

Summer is Not around the corner

It is all good because… it is not Summer yet!

When we just look at nature, we realize that summer is still far away. So why would you get all fired up or disillusioned because you haven’t reached certain goals yet? Or, you don’t even know what your goals will or should be?

You need to take the time right now to check in with yourself if now is the time to take massive action, or not. Maybe, you need some time to simply relax and to be first.

Maybe you had some holidays over Christmas but these weeks can be utterly exhausting with little to no real relaxation!
The whole January resolution-desolution thing can be a disaster for your mood and the weather isn’t exactly helping either when you’re somewhere cold and dark.

Relax ….

So, before getting all stressed out about your goals and action plans and how to get there?
Put ‘Relaxation’ on your to do list for the coming 3 days. And, watch the magic unfold. Again, it is not summer just yet, which means that you have time to relax.

You are completely free to set some time apart just for yourself to reflect and check in with what it is that you really need.

It’s absolutely normal to feel a bit off or overwhelmed around this time of year. And, there’s absolutely no reason to instantly go around that feeling or try to spiritually bypass it.
Why would you ignore what is really going on?

Take some time to be with your feelings. Take some time to relax, to be uncomfortable with whatever is there that might be blocking you or frightening you. And, and this is very important: do this in the kindest way you can imagine.

Connect Body and Mind

In the meantime, take really good care of yourself, even if your initial reaction in times when you feel off, might be to do the exact opposite.

Surround yourself with positive people, stay far away from the energy takers, go outside even if it’s cold, walk, and find environments that positively charge you with good energy.

Time is relative

You don’t have time to take time for yourself. You’re busy, so many things to do, so little time, I get it. However, taking time for yourself can be as short as following a 3 minute on line meditation.

Or, it can be as short as just closing your eyes right here and now and taking 3 nice long breaths. Just do it, you’ll notice this stuff works.

I hope this little blog post is comforting to you. Whatever is going on right now in your life, know that it’s ok and know that you’re not the only one feeling who’s this way.


Rachel Bonkink
As a life coach and yoga teacher, Rachel encourages people to show themselves, just the way they are. Show the world the real You, show us the perfectly imperfect and beautiful person that You are! She owns a successful yoga retreat business, where she’s hosting about 12-15 retreats per year anywhere in the world, from Morocco to Costa Rica and Scotland. Rachel lives by the beach in Morocco.

Follow her yogic journey and adventures on Instagram.

2 responses to “What To Do with Those Winter Blues”

  1. David Meen says:

    Thanks Rachel.
    The Christmas Yoga retreat has had a lasting effect. Still feeling your kindness and calm.

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