From corporate to yoga retreat expert…

It seems so long ago but just seven years ago, I was still climbing the corporate ladder. From field research manager towards operational director in 7 years. In the end, being a partner and managing a whole lot of people in several countries.

rachel bonkinkDuring those years, I followed at least 3 meditation/yoga retreats per year around the world to recharge. I went shopping in yoga land to try as many styles as possible. And, I had a pile of books on yoga, ready to be read, if I would ever find the time to do so.

At a certain point I noticed how much time was going into coaching and motivating people and how much I enjoyed doing this. Compared to either spending time in the board rooms of multinationals, or going bananas over killer deadlines. Guiding people in their personal growth was what I really liked.

I just quit…

One day, I just quit, handed in all my nice company benefits, and took the plane to India. I worked voluntarily and started following teacher training courses all over the world with various teachers.

From Ashtanga to Iyengar inspired teachers, to Scaravelli inspired, Yin Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. The more styles I discovered, the more interested in Yoga as a way of life I became.

In Italy everything came together and Revealing Vajra was born: combining yoga, meditation, coaching, trainings and yoga retreats abroad. Vajra means diamond in Sanskrit and my mission in life is to get people inspired to Shine as much as possible, Revealing their Diamond within.


In 2014, while scouting out new retreat locations in Morocco, I ended up in Essaouira, a small fishermen’s village on the Atlantic coast. I instantly decided to stay and I continue to make this my home base. In between my retreats, I can be found by the beach where I write, study and enjoy life, doing the things that I love the most.

My teaching and life style are greatly influenced by Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Thich Nhat Hanh, Stephen Cope, Alan Wallace, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.

Passion and Quality

I am passionate about people, growth and living a life with fulfillment and joy.
From the start of Revealing Vajra, my idea was to set up the best retreats on the market. After seven years, I have now organised, hosted and taught on 55 of my very own yoga retreats and I can confidently state that I am a yoga retreat expert.

Showcasing the quality of my retreats is the incredibly high number of repeating guests. At this point, 1 in 4 retreat participants comes back to do another retreat with me within 2 years. This keeps me extremely motivated to keep learning and investing in myself. Every year, I follow at least 2 to 3 teacher trainings and/or retreats to broaden my knowledge on yoga, meditation and coaching in order to deliver and meet expectations. At least one of these retreats will be a silent retreat.

My inspiration

As some people were asking about the specific trainings I did, there’s about 15 by now but here’s a little list of just the past 2 years.

  • John Stirk, Scaravelli inspired yoga – August 2016, Italy
  • Sarah Powers, Yin Yoga, Level 2 – April 2017, UK
  • Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga, May 2017, Canada
  • Vipassana, Silence Retreat – May 2017, Canada
  • Alan Wallace, Silence Retreat – August 2017, UK
  • Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga – March 2018, USA
  • Tony Robbins, UPW – March 2018, USA

If you want to know more about me or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate contacting me via Whatsapp, email or via social media.

I will be honoured to welcome you one of my yoga retreats somewhere in this beautiful world. You can check out the calendar right here.

And, I warmly invite you to share the website! Only with cool people please who can use a break from their crazy daily lives.



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  1. Emily says:

    We all should adopt yoga as way of life!

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