New year Dive Morocco

Beach Yoga, followed by a refreshing dive into the Atlantic!

So you’re checking locations, dates, prices, you review the bios of the teachers, you ask around, you read the testimonials on the website: Yes, it all looks kind of ok but still you doubt … Is this really the right yoga holiday for me to attend?

It can be quite a struggle to find the right yoga holiday for you.
In order for you to know exactly what you’re in for, I am listing the 10 reasons to go on a Revealing Vajra Yoga Holiday.

What makes these holidays so Amazing?

  1. Peace of Mind

Everything is included from the minute you arrive at the airport. We will pick you up and from then on, you can… Reeeelax 🙂

You can Really Leave your Wallet at Home, everything, really everything is included in your retreat price. And nothing is being expected from you. The only thing you might consider doing, is following the daily schedule, or not. Whatever YOU like.  There are no rules besides doing whatever feels good to do, this is YOUR Holiday, YOUR Time.

You are travelling, exploring new cities and environments but everything is being taken of for YOU.
You are in for a 100% worry and hassle-free holiday!

Beach walk yoga holiday

Without words…


One of the best yoga retreats I have ever participated in- and I have done quite a few! From the arrival to the daily activities, it all went so smooth and without any pressure whatsoever. There is plenty of time for self reflection, to unwind and to just simply BE. I truly come out feeling rested and I really enjoyed the yoga program. It inspired me to look into different styles of yoga. Namaste!
Sylvia Lim, USA. Sylvia joined us in Morocco

  1. Fun

No high fly spiritual stuff. Relaxation and Me time, blended with a lot of Fun are crucial on all our holidays.

pool fun in sabina

Pool FUN at In Sabina in Italy!

The fun factor also comes from our excursions, all included in your retreat price of course. After all, you are traveling all the way to Morocco, or Italy, Ibiza or Costa Rica so why not see a bit of the area while you are there?

Zip lining, SUP, having dinner at the coolest restaurants, sunset canoeing, guided walks. Really, from finding souvenirs in the souks of Marrakech to finding peace in the High Atlas Mountains or having a sunset drink overlooking the ocean in Essaouira: these excursions rock!

  1. International groups of beautiful people

Count on having between 5 to 10 different nationalities in your group, both men and women. Fun interactions assured!

Most people are active in Marketing, HR or IT, lawyers, doctors or people owning their own businesses.  Interesting to know upfront to have an idea of our groups, but during our holidays, job titles and functions are usually hardly mentioned.

What is important to know is that we only get really nice people to join us. Awesome people even! You can read it in the many testimonials on our site, the Revealing Vajra groups are really something special.

I came to this yoga retreat with my 21 year old daughter. We only have wonderful things to say. We met fabulous people from all over the world, and some fellow Americans as well. Ages ranged from 21 to 60 and we laughed together every single day. Coming from NYC to Ibiza is a journey worth travelling. Rachel makes sure all your needs are met above expectations. I loved the variety in classes and the knowledge shared. The location is beyond amazing. I would not change a thing and I plan to follow Rachel to another fabulous location sometime very soon! The food was magically prepared by Beth, I wish I could take her home with us!
Trish Smith, NYC, USA. Trish and Nicole joined us in Ibiza

  1. Different styles in yoga

On our yoga retreats, you will get to explore different types of yoga styles, in order for you to choose what you like best. Styles that will be on the program are Yin yoga, Yin/Yang yoga, Kundalini, more Iyengar inspired and restorative classes. Depending on the location, you might find yourself experimenting with walls and chairs as well at some point during the week!

We will also guide your through different meditation and breathing techniques in order for you to get a bit closer to finding inner peace.

All classes will have breathing, meditation and asanas. And in most classes, we also add a bit of yoga philosophy to get more grip on our thoughts.

Second time on a retreat with Rachel and for sure, it will not be the last time! I thought I knew what was coming but no, it was different and still the same. No pressure, just a friendly invitation to join. No fuss, just being present in the ‘now’. No questions, no expectations, just being myself.
Roos Tilleul, Belgium, Roos joined us in Morocco and in Italy

  1. Amazing yoga venues around the world

We are currently offering yoga holidays in Italy, Ibiza and Morocco.
For sure, we will go back to Costa Rica to host retreats and we are scouting out new places in Portugal, Spain and Thailand.

Lunch with a view in our newest location in Morocco

Our table for lunch in Morocco, simply amazing…

All venues have been carefully selected on location, surroundings, level of service, yoga spots and the overall vibe.

  1. High level of teaching

Rachel is a pro in teaching all levels! Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey and have the fear of not being flexible or fit. Or, when you really like a good chaturanga and you’re afraid to be bored in class? No need to worry on either accounts. She will adjust the classes in a way that everybody can follow, and everybody will get the most out of the class.”

alignment yoga

At least one class will have full focus on Alignment

On a lot of yoga holidays, we now have yoga teachers joining. They practice asanas side by side to the less experienced yogis and sometimes they find themselves next to people who have never done yoga before.

If you truly understand the definition of yoga, it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are for these kinds of weeks. By then, you will know how to bring the challenge into your practice, and I’m obviously not talking about putting your leg behind your ears.

By then, it will be more about how peaceful your thoughts are during class. About how focused you are on your own mat and body? About how calm and present your mind is? And ok, stand on your head every now and then, I really don’t mind, it’s all good!

Usually, it’s people who have been practising vinyasa and power yoga for a while, who find my classes challenging as it is so different from what they are used to at home. In most classes, we go a lot deeper than in regular classes. Deeper can mean ‘really’ going into a posture, holding it longer or focusing on the mental aspects and benefits a lot more, in order for you to really understand the postures more.

It all depends on our group but we usually add several classes that might resemble the ‘normal’ vinyasa and power yoga classes.

  1. Expertise and Experience

In just four years time, Revealing Vajra has become thé reference for amazing yoga holidays and yoga retreats

Over 300 people have joined, and have written raving testimonials.

The repeater’s percentage is now way over 40%, which means that 4 out of 10 people book another retreat with us!

We can add many testimonials but the best advertising though is probably by simply telling you that for 2016, we now already have way over 20 people who have booked their second, third or fourth retreat with us!

About 1h30 in the passport control line. But that was pretty much the only hassle during the whole trip. Well… That and the checks at the airport on the way back. Everything else worked like a charm, masterly organised by Rachel!
Sophie, Sweden, Sophie joined us in Morocco

  1. Coaching and Corporate back ground

My personal background in corporate makes these holidays different from all other yoga retreats and yoga holidays, as I have been there… I know what it is to be completely stressed out, to have deadlines, demanding clients, and huge budgets to juggle around with.

Challenges, raising the bar, stress, tensed neck and more stress? I get it!

It is this unique combination, the corporate experience, linked to the yoga philosophy, that gives these holidays a very powerful edge. In my classes and during individual sessions on the retreats, I teach from a wide collection of tools that will help you find peace. I teach you how to release judgements that hold you back. I work with the yoga philosophy, leadership and NLP tools, that will add grounded spiritual components to your personal practice.

These holidays are ideal for anyone who wants to Relax, Rejuvenate and bring new learnings into practice.


Rachel Bonkink Yoga

Teaching on the Beach in Morocco, pure Bliss…

  1. FOOD

A yoga holiday where the food is supporting the yoga practise every step of the way is an amazing experience. On most holidays, we will bring our own chefs to make sure your meals will be healthy, nutritious and balanced.

Our chefs understands exactly how to create menus that not only tantalise the taste buds but that are expertly tailored to support the yoga classes. What we eat will support us every step of the way to get the absolute most out of your retreat.

Does this mean it will be boring with just green veg and a pile of lentils? Hell no !!! Think: sushi, springrolls, raw cacao desserts, and fun on your plate!

These weeks are all about inspiring you! Especially on our yoga holidays in Ibiza and on all retreats with Beth in the kitchen, #foodporn is the most popular hashtag….


Legendary springrolls by Beth El-Rikabi !

On some yoga retreats, we take it a step further and zoom in a little bit more even, both on the yoga aspect, and the food aspect.

During our Deep Dive in Yoga weeks, the menus will be completely gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.  On these week, we will focus on foods that assist and encourage the cleansing process. Hayley North is our chef on these weeks and you will have the opportunity to taste plant based cookery and retreat food at its best. Hayley has specialized in catering for retreats for over 10 years and has travelled the world cooking for yoga and health and fitness retreats.

During our Deep Dive week in Italy in May, Hayley will also host several talks and offer one on one consultations.

  1. Value for Money

These holidays do not come cheap but you get a 100% Value for Money.

There are no hidden extra’s, there is no small print! Everything that is listed below is included in your retreat price and before you leave, you know exactly what this holiday will cost you.


  • All yoga classes and workshops
  • All the excursions
  • Transfers, ALL transfers
  • One full length holistic treatment
  • All meals and drinks, even when we go out on an excursion
  • We bring our own chefs, providing you with high level nutritionally balanced meals, three times a day
  • One or two lunches/dinners out at local restaurants
  • Outstanding venues with high level of service

There you go, the 10 reasons to go on a Revealing Vajra Yoga Holiday!

I’m always blown away by the e-mails I receive filled with gratitude for offering such an experience. For many people, a week ‘off’ like this is truly life-changing.

Here’s what Babette shared with us after joining our New Year’s Retreat in Morocco:

I had such an amazing week. The perfect environment for some well deserved me time, and I loved the interaction with a wonderful group of women and men from all over the world. I feel completely recharged!

And Anna from Finland, who joined us for Christmas in Morocco:

Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat! Interesting introductions in yoga for a complete beginner, in a spot-on location with great people, and superior food. Very nice and relaxed holiday, just what I needed!

Just give yourself the Treat of a Retreat!

If you would like to BOOK a Yoga Holiday….

Just fill in your details to receive the info pack on one of our holidays in Italy, Ibiza or Morocco.




Just fill in your details to receive the info pack on one of our holidays in Italy, Ibiza or Morocco.


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