manifest your dreamsIn this article you will discover the 5 qualities you need to manifest your dreams.

People usually do not lack practical reasons and strong beliefs to stop them from realising their dreams. They need to learn to believe and, trust that life has endless possibilities for us all.

People who manifest their dreams are just like anybody else.

There’s just one difference…

They trust and believe in the endless possibilities in this world. And it’s this belief that they use as an accelerator to manifest.

Let’s explore what it takes to manifest your dreams!

1. Self awareness

People who manifest their dreams have the self awareness to know exactly who they are.

They are very aware of their strengths and weaknesses.
And, they act accordingly.

They highlight their strengths and they often delegate everything that has to do with their weaknesses.

Do you have certain fears that are bothering you?
Get a coach and work on it!

Are you a professional procrastinator?
Find someone who comes up with deadlines and makes sure you follow through on your big plans!

Life is Always in Motion
So You Cannot Be “Stuck”
If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts. And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.

2. Embrace Fear

One of the 5 qualities to manifest your dreams is, to embrace your fears.

Reaching your goals asks for Change.
And Change means time, effort, work and commitment. And that’s frightening.
As it could all go wrong…

Or, it could go really well….

What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?
Erin Hanson

You can see fear as a warning sign, something that keeps you on our toes. But do not give into this overwhelming fear that (almost) paralyses you.

3. Crystal clear Vision

Manifesters know what they want.

Make a very clear image in your head of where you want to be next year.
And, in 3 years time.

How do you want to feel?
What do you want to give back to the world?
This is your Vision.

There is Nothing That You
Cannot Be, Do, or Have

As soon as you know what your vision is, decision making becomes much easier.
With every choice you have. You can now ask yourself if it will bring you closer to your vision, or not.

You do not need to worry about the ‘how’ on earth that would be possible to realize.
That’s up to the Universe!
You  just need to trust and believe that you can reach your vision, whatever it is.

And by the way, if you can let go of the how… it will come out even better than what you could have imagined!

4. Don’t Worry, be Happy

Worry basically just costs time and a lot of energy.

There is no advantage whatsoever in worrying.
And you know this.

Don’t worry about your family, your kids or friends.
Take them with you in meditation or prayer and wish them to be happy and well.

What if something really does need ‘your attention’?

Follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Timer

Set your timer for 15 minutes

Step 2: Worry!

Sit down and worry the heck out of yourself for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Action list

Come up with an action list.

Step 4: Action

Immediately take the necessary action.

Step 5: Drop it

If you have thought of everything you can still do about the situation?
Drop the issue completely.

Behind Every Desire
Is the Desire to Feel Good


Or, you take Action…. Or, you let Go.

It’s only by taking action, that you can grow.

Every single day you have the option to be proud of yourself. To get one step closer to your goal, to manifest your dreams.

The thing is, you really do need to take that first step towards it.
However tiny it might be.

Nope, you don’t need an extra course to learn more.
Nope, your website doesn’t need to be perfect before you launch. Just go.
It’s good. It’s all good. Perfection is for later my dear.

May you be inspired and motivated by reading about these 5 qualities and putting them into practice to manifest YOUR dreams!


Rachel Bonkink
Teaching yoga and meditation is what I adore and I get a kick out of coaching really cool people :). Life coaching sessions happen on my yoga retreats around the world, as well as in Antwerp and Marrakech. I welcome any and all questions.
You can contact me directly using the form on the Revealing Vajra website, or have a ‘social media go’ with the buttons here below.

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