Wow, what have we got ourselves into now? A pandemic that’s beyond anything we could have even imagined.

And, we are all in it. Together.
Whether we like it or not, there’s not a single person on this earth right now, who is not influenced by it. In some way or another. It’s like a massive event.

It will be interesting to see how we, as a Global Community, will react to it.

For the past 9 years, I have been fortunate enough to organise the most amazing yoga retreats with Revealing Vajra. Hosting retreats, taking care of people; it’s something I really enjoy doing. A retreat recharges us, rebalances us and it can give us a deeper sense of wellbeing. By just stepping out of daily life and focusing on ourself and our needs, we usually come out a lot stronger.

The recent events prevent us from going to a really nice location of course. At the same time, I felt that the need to retreat is more urgent than ever before. There’s people who have instantly seen this time at home as an opportunity to retreat. But, many people are not used to having all this time at their hands and struggle in finding some kind of a rhythm.

And that’s where our Global Community Retreat comes in. It is an on line retreat, offering all the elements of a real life retreat. It’s with recordings so you can tune in whenever you need it. Or, you follow the actual flow of the retreat. It’s up to you. We want to make this time as easy as possible for you, supporting you in any way we can.

This on line retreat really has the potential to make you feel good!
Here’s why…

  • You can do your part and help us create something beautiful.
  • With 2 live events per day, there is support for you when you need it.
  • Rejuvenating yoga classes will lighten up your day.
  • Every day, you have the opportunty to meditate, experimenting with different techniques.
  • There’s 3 chefs on board who are ready to guide you with classes, recipes and advice.
  • Practical coaching advice will motivate you to get things done or to learn how to relax, whatever is needed right now.
  • Philosophy classes are an opportunity to get a different perspective on life.

Keep an eye on to see when we organise retreats again, online and in real life.

I hope to see you there!



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