Scotland is magic, Scotland is pure and Scotland is just incredibly cool.

Imagine enjoying a wonderful herbal tea in the library as you’re watching the sun go down over the Loch.

It’s the end of an incredible day spent experiencing two rejuvenating yoga classes, an exciting safari in the Highlands and one of the best massages you ever had.

yoga retreat scotland safari

You laugh with new friends from all over the world, sharing your yogic and not so yogic adventures.

Gazing on the magnificent environment, you can hardly believe that, at last, you’re here… in your very own private Scottish mansion.

THIS is the magic of the Scottish Highlands!

Over the past 7 years, I ran and hosted over 70 of my very own Revealing Vajra Yoga retreats around the globe. And, honestly, last year’s retreat in Scotland was one of the absolute highlights.

This is my second Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreat. They keep getting better.
Always a great group of people, great food and a variety of yoga styles.
The mind and body feel GREAT!
Charlene Mc Koin, USA – Scotland, August 2018

Let me tell you more about this awesome yoga retreat Scotland!


This yoga retreat is the PERFECT place to spend 6 delightful days.

Through a magical coincidence, I have found the most amazing venue, right by a Loch – literally, the Loch is in our back yard!

Yoga in the Scottish Highlands doesn’t just sound good. It really is amazing.
And, this yoga retreat in Scotland has it all.

The venue is out of this world. Just check out this old mansion that we may call our home away from home for a week.
It’s filled with lovely antiques, and there’s pretty little hangouts spread over 3 floors.

yoga retreat scotland loch view

Can you believe that we even have a hot tub with the most amazing view?

You can go out for an adventurous walk and be welcomed back home with nutritious treats and tea by our very own private super chef.


I teach different yoga styles during the week and introduce you to different meditation and breathing techniques.

On all retreats, I have the honor of welcoming yoga teachers AND people who have never done yoga before.

There is nothing to worry about, I have been teaching for a long time and I know how to adjust all poses so we can all enjoy the classes.

Yin yoga in the afternoons, and hatha yoga in the morning will relax your body and mind.

It’s amazing how, with the right movement, nutrition and environment: your entire mindset can change in just 6 days!

yoga in Scotland

If you want to learn more about my trainings and teachers, my inspiration and my vision: check out this page.

This yoga retreat was just what I needed. Relaxing, restorative and informative.
It was well organized with great opportunities to experience a new country and culture while deepening my yoga practice.
The balance between group activities and alone time perfect. I would recommend this kind of experience to anyone who needs to relax and have a great adventure!
December 2018, Jason Baantjes, South-Africa


I want to come! Sign me up now!



I am very happy that for this Yoga retreat Scotland, we are in for a festive food party as, Hayley North will be our personal chef!

This means that you may start dreaming already about delicious salads, filling smoothies and dishes that will make your heart and tummies sing.

All nutritionally balanced and above all, super tasty.

For sure, at the end of the retreat, you will want ALL of her recipes!

Scotland yoga retreat food

This week, dairy and gluten will limited to an absolute minimum. Taste and nutrition values will be maximized to the top.

If you don’t eat this or that, not to worry whatsoever, Hayley can accommodate any and all food preferences and allergies.

Before each meal, you will get a short description of the meal, and its purpose or benefits.
Evening meals will be delicious and light as we want you to really feel and experience the influence of having a light and nutritious meal on your quality of sleep.

Lunch time will be the time for more variety in our dishes and stronger flavors.

Coffee will be available after breakfast and after lunch only.
We will explain why and have great alternatives for you.

Hayley north silence retreat

Hayley North is a big name in retreat chef land. She is the founder of the Holistic Kitchen Academy, and works with retreat leaders across the world.

She has helped and trained hundreds of retreat chefs to increase the quality of their work with her workshops, trainings and retreats.

Hayley is more than passionate about Health and all it can encompass.

She ‘s a brilliant yoga teacher and knows exactly what people need when on retreat.

If you have been on a retreat with Hayley cheffing for you, you will be spoiled for life…


Yes, it can rain in Scotland in August. Most likely, it will rain.

The interesting part about this is that if I look back at last year’s yoga retreat. It did rain a little bit on most days but it blended in with the entire experience.

There’s rain coats for you, boots and the wonderful feeling when you come back into our house after a long walk, is hard to describe.

I can also remember, sunbathing at the little ‘beach’ by the Loch, and even dipping my toe in the lake!

Yoga retreat Scotland loch tay

Last year, we haven’t seen (or felt) a single midge. If you have no idea what a midge is.
Midges are a genius (…) mix between a fly and a mosquito. They are small flying insects and they operate in clouds and, sting. They are not dangerous but tremendously annoying.

Apparently, and luckily for us, they don’t really like this part of the lake.


Fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Our venue is about 1,5h drive from both airports.

Before or after the retreat, you could visit one of these cities and in Edinburgh; the yearly summer festival is an absolute recommendation.

This is my fourth retreat with Rachel. She never disappoints!
She’s so thoughtful and helps us maintain a healthy mindset. She makes room for rest and relaxation and always has incredible cooks with her!
I will be back, just not sure when yet!
Mona Varsh, LA, USA – Scotland, August 2018


My aim is for you to be worry free, therefor, as much as possible is included in your retreat price.

This is your holiday, your time to relax and do exactly what you want to do.
If you want to skip a class or a workshop that is absolutely fine. Although I believe you will find the program stimulating and fun, primarily I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.


  • 5 nights at Stucktaymore
  • Airport transfers on start and end day of the retreat – on specific hours
  • Perfectly balanced and nutritious meals, juices and snacks
  • Daily meditation and yoga classes featuring different yoga styles
  • A full length treatment
  • Session with Rachel
  • Highland Safari, taking you high up into the Scottish Highlands
  • Workshop Stretch Your Mind
  • Welcome gift

bar yoga Scotland


If you’re up for an amazing experience, yoga and meditation in a mind blowing place?

If you would like to go home after a week a fun adventure, feeling rejuvenated, lighter and fully relaxed?

In that case, check out the website and simply book your spot!

I hope to see you soon!


My second revealing vajra yoga retreat and it was wonderful again.
The combination of being in the Scottish Highlands, with yoga classes and a group of great people, made this week a moment of rejuvenation and joy.
I go back to my daily life, filled with positive energy and new insights. Truly grateful to Rachel, who has such a warm and rich personality, and who makes all of this happen. This was a Fantastic retreat!!!
Karin Wouters, Belgium – Scotland, August 2018

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