Meditation is not hard, impossible or time consuming.
Your mind is not too busy and, there is hope.

I will show you how to master meditation, using these 4 simple steps.

4 Steps for your mind training

  1. Relax

Before anything, you need to learn how to relax and to be comfortable with what is.
You need to learn how to relax.

One way of doing this is to relax your shoulders, your face and to take 3 deep breaths.
You inhale deeply, you exhale deeply and you repeat.
No rocket science so please do so right now.

  1. Observe

Once you have found that tiny bit more of relaxation, you can move on and start observing your reality. Simply listening to what you can hear, becoming deeply still.
Observing if there are many thoughts or not so many.

And finally, observing your breath.

You don’t have to change anything about your breathing, you just observe. As if it’s the very first time that you are aware of your breathing.
You check what is moving when you inhale; you zoom in on what’s moving in your body when you exhale. And you keep doing this for a while, whilst you try to not interfere with the breath.

  1. Concentrate

Your next step to mastering meditation is to start concentrating.
As you were already becoming more aware of the breath, counting your breath in rounds of 10 works really well for most people.
Every combo of an inhale and an exhale is one count.
The next inhale/exhale is another count, and so on.

  1. Release

Whilst you are counting your breath, there will be many thoughts coming by.
Instead of being frustrated or giving all kinds of unnecessary mental comments about being unfit for meditation, be happy!

Yes, be happy as you have a good functioning brain that produces thoughts!
This means that you are intelligent, creative and this means you have a good working brain!

The trick is to not get caught in any of the thoughts. You see or hear the thoughts, recognize that they are there but, you do not zoom into anything.

My own reaction to thoughts used to be the following sentence:

“Oh, how interesting that this comes up, what else is there?

Again, and again, and again.

An undercurrent of peace of mind

A couple of meditation sessions will not bring you depth or insight as a couple of gym sessions will not give you a super fit body.

Just like training our bodies, training the mind takes a bit of time. And ‘a bit’ is a bit of an understatement.

The results however of having a more balanced and healthy mind are so beneficial for yourself, and others.

If your goal is to strive for a better world, putting in the effort to have exceptional mental health and mental wellbeing is the first step. It will enable you to react more appropriately.

You will be able to choose your reactions wisely instead of mindlessly reacting because you have created an undercurrent of peace of mind.

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