What can you do in Essaouira? Isn’t it a bit of a tourist trap?
For sure not in my opinion and more than worthwhile the 3-hour drive if you’re in Marrakech.

But then again, I’m seriously biased.
When I’m not hosting a yoga retreat in Mallorca, Scotland, or anywhere else on this beautiful globe, I love hanging out here and call it home.

I have hosted several yoga retreats in Essaouira, to get an impression, check out the video below:

There is so much to do in Essaouira and at the same time, Essaouira can be magical by itself to just stroll around and do as little as possible.

I invite you to take time to relax and to simply soak up the vibe of Essaouira.
It’s quite special, I can assure you. But, you have to give it a little bit of time.

is a very relative concept here anyway.

My pleasure to highlight some of my favorite things to do in Essaouira.


Relaxing is probably the number one activity here for both locals and tourists.

This funky little town is just made for it.
Put on your flip-flops and zigzag through the tiny little alleys of the medina. Looking for treasures

Kick out your flip-flops and feel the Atlantic and the beach.

Surf, go horse back riding, sit down, have a tea, read a book or pretend to read: whatever you do here, it’s all good, just relax.

essaouira things to do

Go for a WALK

I love walking on the beach. You can see me there every single day.
Feet in the water, soak up those electrons! Whoop!

If you’re up for a long walk, I can highly recommend walking from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki.

When you’re reasonably fit and take time for a (packed!) lunch stop on the way, it’s about 5 hour of walking for 21K.

Start around 8-9 AM and you will reach Sidi Kaouki right in time for lunch!

You don’t need a guide, as the only instruction is to keep the ocean on the right 
On the other hand, it is not advised to do this by yourself. If you’re alone as you will probably not see another person out there, which is nice but why would you do that all by yourself? With two, no problem.

You can also walk towards Essaouira, starting in Moulay Bouzerktoun, which is North of Essaouira.
It’s 16K and will take you about 4 hours.
Again, not advised to do this on your own, just because it’s is so nice and quiet.

Check where the wind is coming from before you go.
You might want to walk the other way around: from Essaouira to Moulay.

Wednesday MARKET

The market of Ida Ougourd is a typical Berber market. From quite far, people come here to buy stuff. You find anything, from groceries to furniture and paint…

Chances are that you will not buy anything for yourself here but it’s a nice experience to check out a real market.

Personally, I love the donkey parking 🙂

Essaouira things to do donkey parking

SHOP till … you need a Mint Tea

Compared to Marrakech, there’s hardly any shops in Essaouira but for the little town that it is, we have A LOT of shops!

And pretty cool ones too!
Concept stores, art galleries, carpets and argan oil (of course), herbs and so much more.

Shop, shop, shop and don’t forget to fuel up with mint tea in between!


Essaouira is filled with Restaurants.
There is a restaurant for every budget and for every taste.
We have fancy rooftop places, tiny little alley places and beach places.

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to go, check out my post about my favorite Essaouira restaurants!


There you go, some ideas on what to do when you come and visit Essaouira.

For more information, please don’t hesitate asking. I’m not a tour guide and not a travel agency either, but I love informing people about cool hangouts!

Bislama (bye bye) and I hope to see you in Essaouira one day!

Rachel Bonkink
Rachel is the founder of Revealing Vajra, amazing yoga retreats. She hosts about 12-15 retreats per year in Morocco and in other countries.
Check out the retreat calendar here.
When she’s not traveling, she loves spending as much time as possible in Essaouira where she retreats herself and writes.

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