Essaouira, known as Marrakech’s little sister but in no way to be compared to its big sister.

Essaouira’s medina (old town) is rather small compared to other Moroccan cities but full of character. There’s an exuberant mix of colorful carpets, fruits, herbs and all kinds of touristy things.

When I’m not hosting a yoga retreat, somewhere around the globe, I love hanging out here and call it home.

I have hosted several yoga retreats here, to get an impression, check out the video below:

This funky little town with its art galleries and the beach, is excellent to relax and explore and it has some really great restaurants.

My pleasure to highlight some of my favorite Essaouira restaurants.


One of the best, if not the best restaurant in town.
The hosts are incredibly nice and the standard of food is high.

You will need reservations and when you’re a vegetarian or vegan, make sure to mention this in advance as the options are a bit limited. Excellent fish and meat options and you can even pre-oder if you would like something super special.

Oh,… they have this chocolate caramel fondant dessert thingie? I had retreat participants coming back during their retreat week to have just that… And I admit, it is ridiculously good!

Essaouira restaurants umia


Underneath the famous Tarros Café.
It opened in December 2018 and up until now, food and service are just excellent.

Meat and fish options are lush, if you’re a vegetarian, choice is rather limited but, if you reserve and tell them upfront, they will make a serious effort. This is Morocco, anything is possible!

La Tolerance

About 8 Euros for 3 courses.
This place is absolutely worthwhile going when you take into account what you are paying.

Vague Blue

Try to find it first!
A hidden gem, a whole in the wall with excellent food and about 6 seats…

It’s very cheap but quality wise, hard to beat.


A great place for lunch with European style salads and juices.
There’s also a wonderful little shop.

Essaouira restaurants Atelier


Before you roll your eyes, couscous and tajine is not the answer to all questions and I love Italy… Good, now we have that out of the way. If you have an instant craving in good, simple and really authentic and honest Italian food, go here.
Great pizza’s but it is a bit of a wait sometimes.

On the other hand, the waiting is perfectly compensated by the buckets (!) of wine that Sylvestro himself serves.

For the extreme ones ☺

Go to the port, get your fish and get it grilled in one of the tiny grill restaurants in the medina.

Or, go to the Fish souk in the medina, pick out your fish and have it grilled instantly.

Khadija’s Kuzina

If you like to know what is in your food? Why not make it yourself?

With the help of Khadija!
She welcomes you in her own home, which is fully equipped and you will enjoy a brilliant afternoon together.

Highly recommended if you’re in for an authentic experience! Contact her and see all the raving testimonials here.

Essaouira restaurants Khadija Kuzina

By no means is this list even trying to be complete, there’s at least another 10 restaurants worth the mention but, to make it an easier choice for you, these are my very own favorite Essaouira restaurants.

Please contact me if you have any further questions about Essaouira, yoga retreats, …

Rachel Bonkink
Rachel is the owner of Revealing Vajra Yoga Retreats. She’s a life coach, and loves to write.
When she’s not hosting yoga retreats, she likes to spend as much time as possible in Essaouira.

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