When was the last time you gave yourself a week to truly relax and recharge your batteries?

What are your body and soul really yearning for?

If you are seeking to reset and take a week to detox from it all? Gift yourself this very special yoga retreat in Mallorca. A week of meditation, yoga and relaxation at the wonderful Cal Reiet in Spain is just heaven.

You will find yourself in an extraordinary place.
Cal Reiet is best described as an oasis of peace and quiet.

There’s the beautiful architecture and design of the house and the gardens. A breakfast you will probably remember for about 3 years and the rooms, …. wow, the rooms are just lush.

Imagine Ananda Spa in India and Kamalaya in Thailand having a wild night together, the thought comes up that Cal Reiet could be the result.

In addition to the luxury of the rooms, the incredible staff, the endless pool and fully equipped yoga shala, there’s Santanyi. This authentic little village is just a couple of minutes walking away. It offers a collection of very typical Mallorquin shops and several really nice boutiques to satisfy your inner shopaholic.

And, to top it all off, the sea is an easy bike ride away.

Cal Reiet is simply one of a kind and unlike any other wellness or yoga center you will come across.

What you will get during this yoga retreat in Mallorca

Awesome venue

Amazing rooms

room cal reiet yoga retreat mallorca revealing vajra

Daily yoga and meditation

Yoga shala mallorca

Incredible Meals

Fun and new Friendships

Lunch by the Pool


Bike trips to the Sea


Massage Revealing Vajra yoga retreats

Your Teacher

rachel bonkink yoga retreats revealing vajra

Rachel Bonkink has led over 70 worldwide revealing vajra yoga retreats. These retreats are the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation, yoga practice, meditation and culture.

Returning to Cal Reiet for the third year in a row, Rachel will guide you through a week of practice with a focus on what it truly means to ‘unlock your potential’.

Meditation, yoga, silence, the sea side, nurturing meals, beautiful sunsets and new friends. This yoga retreat in Mallorca is a brilliant opportunity to recharge your batteries.

What others say about this retreat

“Rachel’s retreat is exceptional.
I booked this retreat to give myself time and to find head-space. The retreat was everything I could have hoped for and more. Rachel is a wonderful teacher, leading the group and building each class to fit both novice yogis and experienced ones. The atmosphere that Rachel created gave the opportunity of finding good balance between, mind, body and spirit. I leave feeling rested and strengthened.
I will definitely be booking another retreat with Revealing Vajra.”
Sarah Russell Felth, Sweden – Mallorca in April 2017 and April 2018

“A thoroughly rewarding experience. Rachel is a rare and wonderful teacher, intuitive, imaginative and caring. With skill she creates a relaxed and secure environment that inspires growth and experimentation.”
Matthew Allen, USA – Mallorca, April 2017

“If you consider a retreat, then I just have to recommend Rachel. Whatever your level of experience. We had yoga teachers in the group, people with injuries and people who had never done yoga before and it all worked beautifully.”
Sharon Ackroyd, UK – Mallorca, April 2017

 this yoga retreat in Mallorca is easy when you follow this link.


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  1. Yea, Yoga is best therapy for relax and you have mentioned all important factors of why we need yoga in life. Nice Blog!

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