What if yoga, meditation and your green smoothies do not boost your energy?

You do the work, you show up.
Going to yoga, to the gym, meditating regularly and you’re sipping down your green smoothies.

The newest self-help book is on it’s way and ready to be read and you are listening to the best podcasts.

Nature time: check and you go to bed early whenever you can, and still… something is very off.

It almost seems that:

The more you are at it, the more you feel depleted.

No wonder that you start asking yourself: Is this stuff not working for me (any more)?

Throwing it all out

The honeymoon days of your yoga bliss might be over and well, your meditation results have yet to reveal themselves…

One self-proclaimed guru says to make a vision board and stare at it every single day, the next ones says to go with the flow and trust. Are they all contradicting each other? Should you stop reading any of it? So confusing.

Point is, you might not be very far-off from throwing it all out of the window.

And that is why I’m writing to you today!
Please reconsider and read on if you’re at that point.
If you’re going strong, manifesting like crazy and, at at the same time there is something that resonates with you right here, please continue reading.

Could it be that you’re missing something?

No worries, I’m not launching another 6 steps to happiness and joy that you need to follow or do.

Enough of that already and most people know exactly what they need to do or stop doing to be happier.


Might it simply be that you forgot about the Why of all of this?

The reason Why you put in the effort do eat well, work out, read, etc.

Look, I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, there is no doubt in my mind that yoga and meditation work.

On retreats and workshops, I teach and preach about what healthy food could mean to you.
What you put into your little temple, food wise, yes, duh, that makes an impact on how you feel. You know all this.

So, all these tools, as they are but tools in some way, they help without a doubt.

That is, IF you know Why you are doing it.

It’s actually quite simple.

Once you know why you are putting in the effort, it almost comes naturally to do so and whatever is sabotaging or blocking you, it just vanishes.

Back to Corporate!

Funny enough, writing and talking about this, often reminds me of my corporate days. Both as an operational director and afterwards as a business consultant. I paid so much attention for companies to have a crystal clear vision and mission.
Before doing anything else really.

Having a vision about what kind of company they wanted to be and how to get there, used to be crucial to me.

As, once everyone in the company knows about this vision, accepts it and is aligned with it: things change instantly. This is not just a theory, it’s well proven. In my past life, I even wrote a book about it. Lol, never thought that would ever come up in a blog on how to feel better.

Why do I mention this corporate example?

Because our minds work in a similar way.
Once we know who we want to be, we can direct all our actions towards that goal, towards our purpose in life.

And, if there’s hesitation about whether or not something is good or not for us to, we can just check in with that vision.

If I do this, is that aligned with the person I want to become or not?
Yes, ok, go for it.
No? So don’t.

This concept of knowing Why we do the things that we do increases our awareness beyond measure. And, maybe more importantly even, it has a massive impact on the way we make our daily choices.

Netflix and Popcorn

I see people going to vigorous yoga classes, three times a week whilst, if they would check in with themselves, they should be resting and reading a book. Not because they don’t feel like a good work out. No, because they checked in with their body, connected to it and feel that they need to rest instead of pushing body and mind further.

And, sometimes you need to do the exact opposite!
If you feel like Netflix and popcorn? You might need to get your butt off the couch and do something very active!

Does it start to make sense why you can feel completely drained from doing all the ‘right’ things?

  • Have you defined what is ‘right’ for you?
  • Do you know exactly who you want to be? Next year? In 5 years? In 10 years?
  • And, do you trust and believe that this is possible?

Having a crystal clear vision of who you want to be will no doubt contribute to your overall wellbeing and peace of mind.

If you liked what you read, why not share it with some peeps who could be inspired by this post?

Please feel free to connect with me if you want to zoom in a little further on this topic.


Rachel Bonkink
As a life coach and yoga teacher, Rachel encourages people to show themselves, just the way they are. She is the owner of Revealing Vajra, a successful yoga retreat business, and hosts about 12-15 retreats per year anywhere in the world, from Morocco to Costa Rica and Scotland. Rachel lives by the beach in Portugal and is writing her second book on Meditation. You can order her first book, Flex Your Mind, right here.

Since March 2020, she offers online retreats and meditation challenges on www.rachelbonkink.com.


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